Bringing a therapy dog to school. Plus: turning summer reading loss into learning gain

on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bringing a Therapy Dog to School; Turning Summer Reading Loss Into Learning Gain; Simple Relationship-Building Strategies |

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June 20, 2018
A dog like this one can reduce students' anxiety.
Credit: ©Shutterstock/IRISLUK

Bringing a Therapy Dog to School

A veteran teacher and administrator makes the case for having a therapy dog in elementary school.

Plus: what the research says on the summer slide
Credit: @Jon Wason/500px

Turning Summer Reading Loss Into Learning Gain

This summer, students can make their reading meaningful by thoughtfully applying what they learn to their own lives.

Help students get past their fear of math.
Credit: ©Shutterstock/ABO PHOTOGRAPHY

Encouraging Persistence in Math

Weekly open-ended math tasks can pique students' interest, leading them to take risks and develop a growth mindset.

Relationships are vital in education.
Credit: ©Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

Simple Relationship-Building Strategies

Embedding dual-purpose tasks in coursework can help teachers overcome the obstacles to forging strong relationships with students.

Moving beyond lectures
Credit: ©Edutopia

Boosting Student Engagement Through Project-Based Learning

A researcher-practitioner partnership in San Francisco shows promising results for middle school science students.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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Trend Hunter Future Festival: 1 week left for 2 for 1 tickets, plus what's NEW!

on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


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See you there!

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO & NY Times Bestseller
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Get the most out of summer. Plus: building teams that stay

on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Get the Most Out of Summer; Building Teams That Stay; The Uncertain Future of OER; Guiding Students to Science Literacy; Starting Small With PBL |

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June 13, 2018
It's not wrong to enjoy your summer.
Credit: © Lund

Get the Most Out of Summer

Eight tips on incorporating relaxation and intentional planning for the year ahead into your summer so you can return to school refreshed.

Simple yet meaningful ways to support your staff
Credit: ©Shutterstock/

Building Teams That Stay

Appreciating teachers and helping them cultivate resilience can help administrators reduce turnover in their schools.

What's keeping OER from taking off?
Credit: ©iStock/exdez

The Uncertain Future of OER

High-quality open educational resources that are freely shared and improved upon have enormous appeal, but they're not a reality yet—and may never be.

Even those who can't assemble Ikea furniture can teach engineering.
Credit: ©Shutterstock/DGLimages

Guiding Students to Science Literacy

A teacher, mentor, and curriculum writer shares her experience with the Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards.

Making learning student-centered
Credit: ©Shutterstock/SpeedKingz

Starting Small With PBL

A middle school chemistry teacher has three tips for teachers who find project-based learning daunting.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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Summer reading to cultivate a teacher's emotional resilience. Plus: a history in which we can all see ourselves

on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer Reading to Cultivate Your Emotional Resilience; A History in Which We Can All See Ourselves; 10 Things Great School Leaders Do Over the Summer |

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June 6, 2018
Cultivate key dispositions like hope and acceptance.
Credit: ©

Teachers: Summer Reading to Cultivate Your Emotional Resilience

Immerse yourself in these books to renew yourself for the coming school year.

Students appreciate seeing how they fit into the story of our shared past.
Credit: ©Sam Falconer

A History in Which We Can All See Ourselves

Educators are finding ways to tell a richer history of America—responding to the demands of an increasingly diverse student body.

Summer planning can make a big impact.
Credit: © Business Images

10 Things Great School Leaders Do Over the Summer

Strategies to help principals strengthen relationships over the summer and plan for a strong start to the new year.

Students need to feel safe to learn.
Credit: ©Shutterstock/ESB Professional

Morning Meetings in Middle and High School

Can we bring the advantages of an elementary school strategy for building a classroom community to the higher grades?

Making sure students understand course content
Credit: George Lucas Educational Foundation

Getting 60-Second Strategy: Closing The Loop

A strategy for using a quick, whole-class reflection on content as a verbal exit ticket.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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