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on Friday, May 19, 2017

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Weekly Trend Report + This Week's Top Innovations!

on Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Greetings !

This week's newsletter highlights the must-see innovations on the website right now:

Social Media: The gin brand Beefeater is launching an Instagram photography course, which includes access to the Beefeater distillery.

Food/Drink: Dunkin' Donuts' new Frozen Dunkin' Coffee is the latest addition to the brand's permanent coffee lineup.

Marketing: Scotch-Brite showed off its lint rollers by gathering together some Instagram-famous dogs for its #WorthTheMess campaign.

Retail: The Body Shop's colorful new window displays promote the brand's new superfood face masks.

Media/Tech: Sports Illustrated's just launched its first-ever interactive issue, complete with VR content.

Seasonal: Brawny created a Mother's Day ad shot from the perspective of children wearing Snapchat Spectacles.


Jeremy Gutsche Twitter Trends Facebook Facebook Facebook
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker -

P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
In-Store Education
Retail product education increases casual shopper engagement
Implications - Being able to physically interact with products being one of the top advantages physical retail has over digital, stores are playing to this strength by creating engaging education... [More]
Collaborative Narrative
Choice-based storytelling engages children through confidence-boosting
Implications - Giving children a chance to have some flexibility and control of the narrative presented to them in character-driven stories sends a powerful message to young Gen Zs that their... [More]
Fast-Fad Lifestyle
The fast fashion model rages on, while impacting other industries
Implications - Fast fashion retailers have changed the apparel industry by enabling mid-range spenders to partake in style fads at their peak. In the information age however, aesthetic fads can be... [More]
Collaborative Prototyping
Established brands show authenticity by using customer feedback
Implications - Though smaller companies have the freedom to create products based in consumer feedback, more established brands have more red tape, and therefore must apply feedback in smaller,... [More]
Robotic Production
Adaptable robotics fulfill a need for ingenuity in the manufacturing process
Implications - As creatively inclined robotics become more commonplace, they are being utilized to take on challenges in manufacturing across industries to produce feats in construction, fashion and... [More]

Featured Events
Future Festival Toronto
Meet the Trend Hunter Team at This Immersive Toronto Insights Conference
To help the world’s top innovators experience the future before it happens, Trend Hunter will host the third edition of its Toronto insights conference. Set to take place over the course of... [More]
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