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on Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Greetings !

In addition to this week's round-up of the latest consumer insights, today's newsletter includes a FREE sample report focusing on the latest Spring innovations.

Inside the report, you and your team will find inspiration from a wide range of innovative examples of Spring-inspired packaging, co-branding, retail and food!

Click here to download the free report!


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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Aspirational Activation
Luxury brands entice affluent consumers through experiential events
Implications - Experiential events with the added prestige of luxury create the perfect combination to spark the affluent consumer's fear of missing out. Appealing to the modern consumer's... [More]
Adaptable Architecture
Shared spaces take a modular approach for multipurpose usage
Implications - Modern lifestyle shifts mean a more adaptable approach in architectural design is needed in order to maximize the usage of a space. Shared spaces in particular are becoming... [More]
Retail Meal-Prep
Consumers look to new services that further simplify meal-prep
Implications - Looking beyond subscription services and home delivery, consumers are taking advantage of in-store and boutique services that expedite the meal preparation process and provide an... [More]

Featured Events
Musical Tech Festivals
Moogfest 2017 Serves as the Synthesis of Music, Art, and Technology
Since 2004, Moogfest has served as the ultimate destination for designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, scientists, engineers, musicians and anyone else interested in exploring the future of... [More]
Future Festival Toronto
Network with Creative Minds at This Toronto Business Innovation Conference
This September, join Trend Hunter for the third edition of its preeminent Toronto business innovation conference. Just like in previous years, the innovation event will bring together top innovators... [More]
Hot This Week

50 Premium Alcohol Innovations

From Aromatherapy Cocktail Blends to Academic Whisky Tastings

33 Nontraditional Easter Eggs

From Emotive Holiday Eggs to Solid Cheese Eggs

25 Alternatively Sweetened Snacks

From Low-Calorie Dessert Pints to Keto Diet Energy Bars

25 Two-in-One Home Furnishings

These Multipurpose Designs Maximize the Potential for Small Spaces

20 Multipurpose Home Appliances

From Hybrid Vacuum-Steamers to Illuminating Glass Speakers

25 Alternative Natural Sweeteners

These Plant-Based Sugar Alternatives Replace Refined Sugar

7. 16 Edible Emoji Creations

Featured Clusters

20 Creative T-Shirt Designs

From Digitally Animated T-Shirts to Self-Cleaning Shirts

25 Examples of Big Data Retail Personalization

From Analytical Style Apps to AI Personal Shoppers

35 Millennial Socializing Innovations

From Crowdsurfer Workouts to Craft Beer College Courses

46 Juice Blend Innovations

From Charcoal Juices to Superfood-Infused Lemonades


15 Speeches on Building Skills

From Business Street Skills to Seduction as a Skill

10 Keynotes on Overcoming Rejection

These Motivational Presentations Examine True Persistence

25 Revolutionary Methods of Education

From the Revival of Public Schools to Tactical Learning

15 Speeches on the Power of Diversity

From Alternate Notions of Beauty to the Power of Introverts


47 Official Disney Collaborations

From LEGO Fantasy Castles to Enchanting Cookware Pots

32 Examples of Teen-Centric Programming

From Rap Star Cooking Channels to Parody Political Ads

50 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

From Lavish Brass Corkscrews to Laughter-Invoking Novelty Products

45 Political Marketing Stunts

From Presidential Candidate Dolls to Political Food Trucks

Pop Culture

100 Gift Ideas for the Sneakerhead

From Summery Pool-Inspired Shoes to Kendrick Lamar's Designs

100 Gifts for Music Lovers

From Small-Scale Synthesizers to Musical World Maps

12 Experiential Cinema Innovations

For Interactive Children's Theaters to In-Flight Film Premieres

24 Beauty and the Beast Collectibles

From Opulent Rose Accessories to Fantasy Princess Fragrances


12 Solar Roofing Innovations

From Printed Solar Cells to Sustainable Metal Roofing Solutions

18 Female-Focused Health Devices

From Cancer-Detecting Bras to Wearable Fertility Trackers

16 Examples of Pain Relief Tech

From App-Savvy Massage Treatments to Pain-Alleviating Wearables

50 Old-School Gifts

From Faux-Retro Flatscreen TVs to Retro Arcade Consoles

Art & Design

50 Examples of Millennial-Targeted Alcohol Branding

From Simian Canned Wines to Smart Rum Bottles

30 Infused Water Innovations

From Stylish Fruit Infusion Bottles to Water-Flavoring Vessels

75 Mobile Accessory Gifts

From Sneaky Call-Recording Cases to Multipurpose Phone Chargers

100 Unique Homeware Ideas

From Stunning Water-Inspired Seating to Vibrant Cactus-Shaped Candles


40 Solid Personal Care Products

These Unique Personal Care Products Come in Bar and Stick Forms

33 Eco Dining Innovations

From Sustainable Food Waste Eateries to Vegan Ice Cream Schools

30 Examples of Sustainable Food Packaging

From Hybrid Meal Deliveries to Food Waste Pasta Boxes

100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

From Translating Travel Shirts to Mouthwash Capsules


100 Gift Ideas for Streetwear Fanatics

From Velour Tracksuits to Vibrant Soda-Branded Apparel

100 Jewelry Gift Ideas

From 3D-Printed Necklaces to Pendants Infused with Essential Oils

90 Gifts for Girlfriends

From Feminist Make-Up Clutches to John Mayer-Designed Jewelry

65 Examples of Millennial Luxury

From Exclusive Pop Star Merchandise to Healthy Protein Sweets


50 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

From Extra Large Crayons to Soothing Sleep Monitors

15 Gym-Friendly Beauty Products

Athleisure is Inspiring New Ways to Market Makeup for the Gym

100 Subscription Gift Ideas

From Muslim Beauty Subscription Boxes to Organic Supplement Kits

40 Genderless Beauty Innovations

From Subculture Skincare Branding to Unisex Fragrance Blends

Close-Knit Community Brands

Gorgeous Post-Surgery Bras

Mike Radparvar, Co-Founder of Holstee (INTERVIEW)

18 Fascinating Speeches on Evolution

10 Talks on Modern Romance

15 Decision Making Speeches

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