A skill strong readers share. Plus: Is autism in girls being missed?

on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Skill Strong Readers Share; The Missing Autistic Girls; Flexible Classrooms; The Power of Visualization in Math; 9 ELA Strategies for Reaching All Learners |

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September 20, 2017
A way to build reading comprehension
Credit: ©Gable Denims/500px

A Skill Strong Readers Share

Metacognition helps readers analyze texts as they read, and it's a skill you can teach your students.

Girls with autism have been misdiagnosed for years.
Credit: ©Tim Bower

The Missing Autistic Girls

In the past two decades, autism diagnoses have soared—but new research shows that girls have frequently been overlooked.

The 101 on furnishing your flexible classroom
Credit ©Shutterstock.com/Mateusz Gzik

Flexible Classrooms: Assembly Required

Seating, storage, lighting, and tables—we cover what you need, where to get it, and how much it costs.

A strategy to make math more accessible to students
Credit ©Shutterstock.com/Syda Productions

The Power of Visualization in Math

Creating visual representations for math students can open up understanding. We have resources you can use in class tomorrow.

ELA strategies to produce critical thinkers
Credit: Alyssa Fedele

9 Strategies for Reaching All Learners in English Language Arts

Tips to scaffold instruction to meet your students' needs.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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Weekly Trend Report + LAST CHANCE for Future Festival: Only 15 Tickets Left!

on Monday, September 18, 2017

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Greetings !

With just 9 days left until Future Festival, our team is excitedly preparing to welcome 800 of the world's top innovators to Toronto! Our event is completely vendor-free, meaning Future Festival will be the largest gathering of senior insights and innovation experts. It's going to be epic! If you don't have tickets yet, this is your very, very last chance because there are only 15 spots left! To purchase tickets, click HERE.

Now here are some of the top innovations from this week!

Advertising: O2 created a series of smashed billboards to promote the fact that it offers free screen replacements on the latest phones.

Footwear: The new 'M√ľnchen Oktoberfest Sneakers' by adidas feature a beer-proof design.

Food: In France, Burger King customers can now order a 'Mystery Burger,' which comes in an unbranded box.

Toys: Matel's Uno playing cards now feature color icons for colorblind players.


Jeremy Gutsche
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Biomass Beauty
Spirulina is incorporated as a star ingredient for skincare products Implications - As consumers become more familiar with alternative protein sources in food and beverage, popular superfoods such as spirulina can be seen incorporated into beauty and skincare... [More]
Multifunctional Brew
Cold brew coffee makers serve multiple functions for cost-conscious consumers Brands are now offering cold brew coffee makers with multiple functions. Whether those beverages are hot or cold, coffee or tea, consumers have the option of purchasing multipurpose tools that still... [More]
Multisensory Caffeine
The coffee-making ritual is taken a step further by appealing to many senses Implications - The early phases of coffee culture relied heavily on attention to flavor, but as the culture expands, more emphasis is being placed on the ritual. Combining this need for ritual with... [More]
Therapeutic Floatation
Floatation is becoming a more prominent form of occupational therapy Using floatation as a form of occupational therapy has been used to positively impact a variety of illnesses and ailments, but for the average consumer its definition is expanding to offer simple,... [More]
eSport Education
Brands and institutions are focusing on developing gaming and development skills As eSports continues to grow in popularity and brands and institutions increasingly understand the implications it has in different fields, educational services and programs that cater to those... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Sustainable Smart Home Initiatives

The New Grundig Home Collection Aims to Reduce Food Waste

2. Just 2 Weeks Left Until Future Festival!

Don't Miss This Exclusive Business Innovation Conference

3. Minimalist Wooden Homes

The Futteralhaus Homes Are Sheathed In White-Stained Coniferous Wood

4. Rooftop Bedroom Suites

Office of Architecture Maximized Space in a Narrow Brooklyn Home

5. Clothes-Folding Laundry Machines

Panasonic's Sustainable Maintainer Will Fold Your Clean Laundry

6. Family-Friendly Tiny Houses

The Escher Home Proves That Tiny Living Can Suit Young Families

7. Pop Star-Designed Makeup Collections

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Collection Reveals Diverse Shades

8. Empowering Inclusive Runways

The Chromat Spring RTW Show Featured a Diverse Cast of Models

9. Infinitely Foldable Fabric Bags

The 'MODIBAG' Transforms into Numerous Designs Whenever Desired

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