5-minute writing conferences. Plus: every teacher needs a mentor

on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

5-Minute Writing Conferences; Every Teacher Needs a Mentor; The First in Their Families, College Bound; Computational Thinking for Kindergartners |

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April 25, 2018
A strategy for improving feedback on student writing
Credit: ©500px/Gable Denims

5-Minute Writing Conferences

How to make conferencing on essays with 30 students manageable and effective—and the unexpected benefit conferences can bring.

Mentorship is vital to teachers.
Credit: ©iStock/vgajic

Every Teacher Needs a Mentor

Find that person who challenges, advises, and celebrates you—and be that person for someone else.

A focus on persistence for first-generation college students
Credit: Derek Coy

The First in Their Families, College Bound

Against the odds, seniors from this New York City school are attending and finishing college.

Screen time isn't needed to teach computational thinking.
Credit: ©Gable Denims/500px

Computational Thinking for Kindergartners

Songs and games can be used to teach the basics of computer science to young students in age-appropriate ways—without a screen.

Connect new content to what students have learned previously.
Credit: ©Shutterstock/rawpixel

Activating Prior Knowledge With English Language Learners

Students learn better when they first access what they already know—and this plays a big role in improving English language learners' academic literacy.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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Supporting students with chronic trauma. Plus: 7 strategies to make grading easier

on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Supporting Students With Chronic Trauma; 7 Strategies to Make Grading Easier; Putting an End to Fake Reading; Introvert-Friendly Cooperative Learning |

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April 18, 2018
A framework for understanding and responding to challenging student behaviors
Credit: ©Shutterstock/Benjavisa Ruangvaree

Supporting Students With Chronic Trauma

De-escalation strategies can help prevent students' emotional outbursts, and aid them and their peers in finding calm after one.

Ways to make grading less stressful
Credit: ©Shutterstock/Robert Brown Stock

7 Strategies to Make Grading Easier

Grading is time-consuming but necessary, so two teachers share some hacks for making it more effective and efficient.

Creating a reading culture
Credit: ©Twenty20/@amadfami

Putting an End to Fake Reading

Five ideas on how to get students to really read books—and enjoy themselves while doing so.

Collaboration can be difficult for introverts.
Credit: ©Hero Images/500px

Introvert-Friendly Cooperative Learning

A teacher in training shares three ideas she has picked up for how to make group work more inviting for introverts.

Rigor and academics are important—and so are joy and creativity.
Credit: ©Edutopia

A School Rooted in Real-World Learning

A Philadelphia K-12 school focuses on arts and sciences to foster students' passions and prepare them for college and careers.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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on Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Greetings !

In addition to rounding up the top articles and insights on the site, this week's newsletter is spotlighting Browse Buying. While Millennials prefer to exploit the convenience, ease and speed of ecommerce, those belonging to Gen Z enjoy the physical retail experience. Here we're seeing new spaces emerging that cater to a browse-based mentality, where younger consumers can take their time in brick and mortar locations, finding the products that best suit them.

The new Kid Cavern department store set to open in Liverpool is a great example, boasting over 15,000 square feet for physical retail experiences.

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Mixed Entertainment
Mixed reality is adopted into traditionally passive entertainment formats Implications - Cinematic and artistic viewings are becoming increasingly engaging with the inclusion of mixed reality into these normally passive experiences. By incorporating elements of MR into... [More]
Craft Juicing
Brands curate kits for the creation of nutritious, alcohol-free beverages Implications - With the rise of DIY craft cocktails has also come a renewed interest in DIY craft juice and tea products, and brands are catering to this shift by offering kits that allow consumers... [More]
Virtual Comic
Comedians become content creators through virtual, online apps Implications - Swapping out live shows and in-person gigs for online alternatives, those in the entertainment industry are embracing streaming channels and VR technology to reach a wider audience.... [More]

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Les Eerkes Created a Unique Two-Storey Recycled Home Project

4. Functional Open Air Houses

The 'Long An House' Utilizes Wind Directions in its Design Style

5. Sustainable Modern Wooden Furniture

RHMB Boasts an Eco-Conscious and Adventure-Friendly Practice

6. Total Body Workout Benches

The 'ALLN-1' Fitness Bench Enables Over 174 Different Exercises

7. Glass-Paneled House Extensions

Steven Vandenborre Added a Glazed Annex to a Family Home in Ghent

8. Film Favorite Timepieces

The Urwerk UR-110 RG Will Be Auctioned for Avid Marvel Fans in Geneva

9. Modernized Food Delivery Packaging

Roll Club's Contemporary Packaging Helps it Stand Out

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