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on Friday, October 31, 2014

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Greetings !

I wanted you to be the FIRST to be BETTER & FASTER with an exclusive first look at my upcoming book. I've enclosed the first section, including the prologue and Chapter 1.

Key takeaways from Chapter 1:
1) Learn about the traps that block successful people from realizing their full potential.
2) Become enthralled by a business Louis Vuitton's creative director calls the "most innovative and devastating retailer in the world."
3) Figure out how an origami expert for hire is using the power of paper folding to help space ships, human hearts and bioengineers.


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PRO Trends
Grown-Up Celebration
Adult consumers turn to more refined products to celebrate the holidays
Implications - As the holiday market remains an industry that’s heavily juvenile, many brands are creating refined products to broaden appeal for adults. This expansion speaks to consumers&#... [More]
Communal Business
Seeking social involvement, entrepreneurs turn to community retail enterprises
Implications - Finding drive, particularly among a generation consumed with complacency, can be challenging, prompting individuals to look toward more social business innovations. Using community... [More]

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11 Talks on Illogical Thinking

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46 Tributes to Family Guy and The Simpsons

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Top 35 Luxury Ideas in September

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23 Examples of Baked Goods Packaging

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49 Drone Technology Innovations

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48 Avril Lavigne Looks

These Editorials Celebrate the Avril Lavigne 'Hello Kitty' Video Debut

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Art & Design

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24 Fresh Juice Packaging Examples

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23 Ingenious Fresh Food Packages

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Borough-Branded Environmentalism

Menu-Changing Social Enterprises

Eco-Friendly Luxuries

Associating Smells with Familiar Tastes

Making Creative Decisions in the Morning

18 Speeches on Poverty

15 Sources for Innovation

20 Speeches on Storytelling in Branding

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