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on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Greetings !

2014 Trend Report Now Available (Save!) - Our 2014 Trend Report is now released, and for a limited time, we're offering early bird sales and discounted trials on our custom service:

Hope you're all having a great start to the week! This week's featured PRO Trend zeroes in on the best method for innovating. With a new year beginning, it's important to prepare your team for its most exciting chapter yet. Gamble Economics emphasizes the importance of experimentation and creativity. Too many businesses suffer as a result of complacency and are crippled by the fear of failure. Take action by trying something new with your team.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!

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PRO Trends
Pop-Up Portability
Driving a feel of impermanence further, brands are using more temporary venues
Implications - Allowing brands to avoid heavy costs associated with renting out a proper retail space, many companies are turning to alternative venues for hosting pop-up shops. This approach is... [More]
Consumers turn to instructive products to make the most of purchases
Implications - Ensuring that consumers get the most value out of purchases, products that come integrated with user-friendly instructions and guidelines appeal to a credit-crunched market that can&#... [More]
Sale Scanning
Credit-crunched consumers turn to automatic means of ensuring a good deal
Implications - Automating the process of bargain shopping, apps and browser add-ons that price-check for the consumer make the online market more competitive than ever. Taking out the guesswork and... [More]

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Education-Funding Agriculture

Planting Promise is a Business-Oriented Charity in Sierra Leone

Frog-Producing Penitentiaries

The Sustainable Prisons Project Aids Wildlife Projects

Seasonal Eco Eateries

A Better World Cafe Serves up Accessible Sustainable Food

Keeping a Pulse on Creativity (INTERVIEW)

Delanie West, VP CC-PD, Faber-Castell

Appeasing Critical Consumer Needs (INTERVIEW)

Brian L Coleman, VP Global Innovation, World Kitchen

Spurring Innovation Using a Hybrid Mindset (INTERVIEW)

John Heath, SVP of Innovation, Chobani

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15 Speeches on Harnessing Disruption

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