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on Monday, December 30, 2013

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In this week's newsletter, we're featuring the top ideas in 2013 in fashion, eco, tech, lifestyle, luxury, food and more! If you want the higher-level patterns, check out our 2014 Trend Reports

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Best of 2013

Top 100 Fashion Trends in 2013

From Elegant Hippie Apparel to School Girl-Grunge Fashion

Top 100 Business Trends of 2013

From Subway Car Grocery Stores to Traveling Bookstores

Top 100 Inventions in 2013

From Virtual Reality Windows to Smartphone-Synced Locks

Top 100 Fashion Photography Trends in 2013

From Music Festival-Themed Shoots to Goofy Model Icons

Top 100 Shoe Trends in 2013

From DIY Dip-Dye Sneakers to Spectacular Splashing Footwear

100 Moving Monochromatic Editorials

From Cartoon Streetwear Captures to American Punk Pictorials

7. Top 100 Men's Fashion Trends in 2013

8. Top 100 Health Trends in 2013

9. Top 100 Luxury Fashion Trends in 2013

10. Top 100 Social Good Trends of 2013

11. Top 100 Watch Trends in 2013

12. Top 100 Eco Trends of 2013

13. Top 100 Hair Trends in 2013

14. Top 100 Unique Trends in 2013

Featured Clusters

59 Modified Princess Illustrations

From Digital Disney Geek Makeovers to Vengeful Disney Vixens

40 DIY Purse Projects

From Stylish Door Hinge Clutches to Floral Purse Makeovers

100 Wall-Mounted Furnishings

From Strap-Suspended Ledges to Wall-Mounted Workstations

81 Rustic Smartphone Accessories

From Sustainable Smartphone Amps to Cultural Carved Cases


10 Speeches on LGBT Rights

In Honor of the Supreme Court DOMA Ruling as Unconstitutional

20 Commencement Speeches By Celebrities

From Steve Jobs to Oprah Winfrey

20 Keynotes on Creating Connections

These Connectivity Speeches Look at the Power of Unusual Bonds

20 Commencement Speeches By Celebrities

From Steve Jobs to Oprah Winfrey


100 Examples of Innovative Food Marketing

From Veggie Artwork Ads to Fabric Food Ads

54 Narcotics-Inspired Products

From Upper-Handed Food Delivery to Stimulant-Smuggling Submarines

100 Food-Imitating Products

From Banana Phone Covers to Cigarette Food Ads

38 Graffiti Marketing Techniques

From Graffiti-Infused Magazines to Stop-Motion Graffiti Ads

Pop Culture

19 Sarcastic Pieces of Apparel

From Ironic Lumberjack Tees to Sarcastic Reply Apparel

10 Moustached Movemeber Inspirations

From Moustached Wallet Protectors to Beard Pride Posters

61 Pieces of Minimalist Pop Culture Art

From Minimalist Oscar Posters to Minimalist Video Game Art

26 Pixelated Fashion Accessories

From Pixelated Paper Accessories to Low Resolution Shades


100 Retro Smartphone Gifts

From Retro Transformer Covers to Old-School Phone Tools

34 Quirky Shower Accessories

From Game Celebration Shower Heads to Telephone Bath Fixtures

24 Creative DIY Games

From DIY Giant Jenga Games to Recyclable Ball Games

47 Gifts for Sushi Lovers

From Sleek Sushi Carriers to Fishy Phone Cases

Art & Design

70 Pieces of Sleek Sci-Fi Furniture

From Star Trek Seating to Intergalactic Droid Loungers

18 Bizzarre Wall Clock Gift Ideas

From Vintage Camera Lens Clocks to Breakfast-Based Timepieces

100 Architectural Furniture Designs

From Geometric Cluster Chairs to Architectural Armchair Art

73 Gifts for Bacon Lovers

From Delicious Bacon Scarves to Bacon-Flavored Mints


60 Rustic Arboreal Furnishings

From Arboreal Antler Seating to Tree-Growing Tables

90 Fashionable Smartphone Accessories

From Lipstick-Sized Chargers to Furry Phone Accessories

100 Minimalist Architecture Finds

From Compact Contemporary Housing to Streamlined Structures

100 Architectural Designs for Nature Lovers

From Suspended Nature Hideouts to Forest Canopy Lofts


70 Multi-functional Suitcases

From Dual Purpose Briefcases to Syncing Solar Suitcases

27 Luxurious Luggage Designs

From Sportscar Suitcases to Aristocratic Leather Trunks

40 Pop-Art Fashion Features

These Visually Vivid Style Stories Pay Homage to Retro Masterpieces

100 Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Items

From $2 Million Cognac to Billion Dollar Hotels


100 Geeky Jewelry Gifts for Her

From Classic Controller Bracelets to Gold Tetris Jewelry

30 Unusual Lip Products

From Bacon Balm to Spicy Condiment Lip Salves

15 Unconventional Undergarments

From Chic Comic Book Lingerie to Luxuriously Bedazzled Bras

78 Fundamental Pool Party Products

From Aquatic Drinking Tables to Chic Chilling Pitchers

Stephanie Koczela, Co-Founder of Penda Health (INTERVIEW)

Refugee-Employing Enterprises

The 'Open Arms Shop' Provides a Living Wage for Women

Altruistic Online Marketplaces

'Shop With Meaning' Sells Socially-Responsible Items with a Story

Taking Advantage of Advanced Technology

Brent Laderoute, Director of Marketing, West 49

Continuously Looking for Inspiration

James Borman, VP of Creative in Marketing, Express

Addressing New Perspectives (INTERVIEW)

David DeZur, Lead of Product Design, Allen Edmonds

10 Personal Branding Strategies

20 Keynotes on Embracing Eccentricity

20 Keynotes on Perception

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