Edutopia's Holiday Gift Guide

on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What to Give Teachers This Holiday Season; Creativity as Gift; Innovative Poetry Unit; Service Learning Through PBL |

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Edutopia. Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary
November 30, 2016
Gifts for Educators, Students, and Yourself

Look no further for outstanding gift ideas!

Edutopia's Holiday Gift Guide

What do teachers really want? We asked a few, and this is what they said . . .

Find refreshment and purpose through the flow of creating.
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Creativity: A Choice, a Gift, and a Mission

Give yourself the powerful gift of rejuvenation. Bonus: Your students will benefit too.

This joyful poetry unit can build skills in more than just reading.

The Perfect Classroom Gift: A Gift of Words

Try this heartwarming classroom activity to boost the holiday spirit in your class—and inspire more reading.

Watch how this greenhouse program supports its community.
© Edutopia

Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

See how these high school students are sharing the benefits of their learning to improve their community.

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Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

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Consumer Insights
Converged Medical
Asian healthcare skews toward convenience with health hybrids
Implications - Metropolitan cities in Asia are among the most fast-paced in the world, calling for more convergence, space-saving and hyper-convenience than most. Hybrid health services are emerging... [More]
Premiumized Container
Luxury-seeking consumers opt for products encased in glass packaging
Implications - Gaining awareness of the toxic effects of chemicals seeping into their foods, beverages and beauty products, consumers seeking a more premium experience are reaching for items with... [More]
Streamlined Sustenance
Initiatives target issues such as food security and waste in India
Implications - With the proliferation of mobile technology in emerging markets changing the way much of the world conducts business, several public and private initiatives based in India seek to... [More]
Serenity Destination
Mental health retreats signify de-stigmatization
Implications - Mental health retreats are increasing in popularity, specifically in areas like Japan where the idea of mental serenity is as big a priority as physical wellness. The practice is... [More]
Bodily DeTECHtion
Gamified health in Japan moves beyond monitoring
Implications - Gamified technology in the health industry has just hit the mainstream in North America. In Japan, the idea of monitoring the self goes a step further with detection technology... [More]
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