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on Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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In this week's newsletter, we're featuring new PRO Trends! Personalized Play is a great example that showcases the ways brands can take customization in products one step further by making them interactive. Our clients use PRO Trends like this to create one-of-a-kind experiences for their consumers through products and services. Discover how you can leverage our insight and custom research here.

Maximize Your Potential in 2014! - Our new custom trend service is skyrocketing in popularity! Trial it and you'll get 12 custom trend reports into any of your topics for an unbeatable price. Send me a note and I'll show you how top-tier innovators like Kellogg's, Crayola, and Intel rely on our custom trend service scope competitors, explore curiosities, and boost their potential. Learn More


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PRO Trends
Modernizing Enforcement
Futuristic police cars use sleek aesthetics to create a commanding feel
Implications - With authoritative figures in society constantly looking for ways to make a commanding statement, opting for bold and striking visual appearances helps add allure and intrigue to the... [More]
Personalized Play
Custom toys satisfy parental demand for one of a kind developmental play
Implications - The toy industry is saturated with unique options for children of all ages, but the demand to have one of a kind creations is driving up the number of brands delivering items that are... [More]
Ornate Auto
Fluorescent automobiles provide consumers with a bold source of expression
Implications - With mass media and celebrity culture often exposing audiences to bold and explicit references, consumers are becoming more immune and subsequently more expressive of offbeat and... [More]

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