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on Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Greetings !

This week's newsletter includes our Back to School Sample Report. Inside the report you'll find the latest ideas and trends in back to school snacks, supplies and technologies. The report dives into the ways top brands are helping schools and classrooms integrate the latest technologies. From self-learning apps to networking tools, the report offers a wide range of content to inspire you and your team. Enjoy!


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PRO Trends
Humorizing Apathy
Pop cultural expressions embrace the satirical side of indifference
Implications - Despite the more negative points that come with indifference, pop cultural outlets are displaying an interest in humorous expressions of apathy. This is aligned with the Millennial... [More]
Curated Commerce
Consumers receive hyper-specific selections of products and services
Implications - In a progression that can be seen as a response to so-called analysis paralysis, consumers are increasingly exposed to limited, hyper-specific selections of products and services... [More]
Fashionable QSR
Fast food brand extensions move beyond edibles into the apparel sector
Implications - Devotion to QSR establishments is extensive and, as such, players in this industry are entering new markets with forays into the fashion world. The merger of style with food comes of... [More]
Typographic Provisions
Bread and baked goods are marketed in font-focused packaging
Implications - Elegant typographic packaging for bread and baked goods add a touch of familiarity to what is seen as an increasingly challenging product to market. Infusing the product with a sense... [More]
Multifaceted Messaging
Modern e-mail platforms offer atypical services that enhance communications
Implications - As communications needs and wants continue to evolve, companies are responding accordingly with inventive, multifaceted e-mail platforms. Creativity in the tech sphere is particularly... [More]

Hot This Week

50 Unique Japanese Products

From Eel-Flavored Sodas to Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

Top 100 Gadget Trends in August

From Laser Glucose Monitors to Custom Home Security Platforms

Top 100 Business Ideas in August

From Competition-Tracking Tools to App-Based Rewards Programs

Top 100 Art & Design Ideas in August

From Fruity Fashion Sketches to Contoured Soda Bottles

Top 100 Branding Ideas in August

From Newspaper Beer Labels to Branded Cat Camps

Top 100 World Ideas in August

From Gourmet Airplane Menus to Affordable Hotel Minibars

7. Top 55 Unique Trends in August

8. Top 30 Fashion for Men Trends in August

9. Top 50 Home Ideas in August

10. Top 75 Interactive Ideas in August

11. Top 50 Retail Ideas in August

12. Top 100 Food Ideas in August

13. Top 100 Multimedia Ideas in August

14. Top 100 Eco Ideas in August

Featured Clusters

50 Outdoor Seating Solutions

From Dramatic Butterfly Benches to Repurposed Street Furnishings

Top 100 Business Ideas in June

From Gaming Retail Windows to Student Startup Guides

66 Manly Grooming Tools

From Licorice Extract Aftershave to All-Natural Beard Oils

100 Interactive Light Installations

Artistic Light Installations Grab the Attention of Consumers


20 Speeches on Achieving Goals

These Speeches About Success Encourage Setting Smaller Goals

30 Presentations on Ideas

From Sharing Ideas Liberally to the Origins of Creativity

20 Perspectives of Leadership From Women

From Creating Female Networks to Quiet Leadership

15 Speeches on Globalization

These Globalization Presentations Explore New Impacts


45 Emerging Social Networks

From Temporary Streaming Apps to Cash-Sending Chat Apps

22 Examples of Beautiful Soap Branding

From Beautiful Honeycomb Boxes to Lovely Vintage Labeling

Top 85 Retail Concepts in June

From No-Wait Coffee Shops to Shopper-Guiding Supermarkets

29 Smartphone Essentials for Beer Drinkers

From Beer Delivery Apps to Smartphone Beer Brewing

Pop Culture

Top 55 Home Ideas in May

From Anti-Aging Pillows to Timber Bungalow Additions

15 Emblematic Brand Experiences

From Customizable Logos to Free Branded Wrapping Paper

60 Creative Playing Card Designs

From Upcycled Subway Card Decks to Comical See-Through Cards

100 Graphic Pop Culture Tees

From Emoji Tee Apparel to Mistaken Heartthrob Tees


20 Millennial Learning Tools

From Crowdfunded Scholarship Apps to Educational Web Seminars

15 Innovative Big Data Startups

From Collaborative Data Tools to Business Insights Apps

53 Covert Social Marketing Campaigns

From Dating App Album Promotions to Animal-Saving Emojis

11 Examples of Wearables for Seniors

From Senior Wayfinding Devices to Help-Providing Pendants

Art & Design

40 Examples of Fruit-Infused Fashion

From Flirty Watermelon Swimsuits to Pineapple Patterned Hats

40 Examples of Calendar Concepts

From Comic Book Date Keepers to Sensory Satisfaction Calendars

50 Examples of Pixelated Art

From Pixelated Landscape Portraits to Futuristic Pixel Prints

Top 65 Architecture Ideas in June

From Hidden Hillside Houses to Oil Tanker Villages


35 Patio-Illuminating Accessories

From Illuminating Patio Umbrellas to Woven Lantern Decor

17 Eco-Friendly Wooden Bicycles

From Bamboo E-Bikes to All-Natural Baby Bikes

20 Examples of Eco Cargo Bikes

From Double-Loaded Bicycles to Parcel-Carrying Scooters

Top 100 Health Trends in August

From Organic Tampon Subscriptions to Inflatable Yoga Studios


30 Innovative Airline Services

From Personalized In-Flight Magazines to Android-Powered Airlines

54 Modernized Ice Cubes

From Hashtag Ice Makers to Spherical Drink Chillers

60 Fabulous Spice Girls Finds

From Girl Power Fashion Campaigns to Posh Pop Star Appearances

40 Statement-Making Sunglasses

From Daring Dinosaur Shades to Faux Fur Sunglasses


50 Sci-Fi Menswear Editorials

From Vanguard Streetwear Catalogs to Futuristic Fashion Features

31 DIY Skincare Innovations

From Homemade Solid Perfumes to DIY Face Mask Cleansers

100 Examples of Tech-Infused Jewelry

From Stylish Sleep Trackers to Fitness-Tracking Earrings

30 Dior Campaigns

From Whimsical Couture Ads to Botanical Accessory Campaigns

The Digital Marketing Innovation Summit (SPONSORED)

Future Festival Workshops, Keynotes and Trend Safaris

The Detroit Digital Summit (SPONSORED)

Eco-Friendly Nappies

Cozy Eco-Chic Knits

33 Social Impact Organizations

New Morning Innovations

The Future of Beverage Packaging

Unidentified Flying Fun

16 Intriguing Imagination Talks

55 Innovative Design Keynote Speeches

20 Alternate Perspectives of Success

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