Multitasking Caffeine, Zen Tech + Top Trends in 2014 Video!

on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Greetings !

This week's newsletter is featuring new sample PRO Trends! Check out Multitasking Caffeine, Bluntly Brewed and Zen Tech for insight you won't find anywhere else. We've also included our Top Trends in 2014 video again. With over 50,000 views, you don't want to miss out. If you missed it last week, check it out HERE.

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PRO Trends
Multitasking Caffeine
Offering more than an energy boost, caffeinated products become dual purpose
Implications - As coffee culture continues to grow, brands are augmenting product offerings to be dual purpose to satisfy niche preferences in younger demographics that are bored with caffeine-only... [More]
Bluntly Brewed
Coffee brands take a no-nonsense approach to branding for fast-paced consumers
Implications - Looking to catch the attention of over-stimulated consumers with time-crunched schedules, coffee brands are adopting branding techniques that cut straight to the chase with words and... [More]
Zen Tech
As spiritual health becomes more important the production of aids increases
Implications - The health movement expands beyond the body as spiritual well-being becomes the health form du jour. As a result, many organizations are releasing quick tech fixes for emotional unrest.... [More]

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