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on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

9 Tips to Own Your PD; Hangouts on Air; Meaningful Faculty Meetings; Cultural Competence; Student Motivation |

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April 29, 2015

Be #EduAwesome

There are many PD options even if you are light on resources

9 Tips to Take Ownership of Your PD

Create professional-development opportunities that are more meaningful than "sit-and-get."

Workable strategies to switch the way you talk to students

Empower Educators Through Cultural Competence

Help all students feel valued by creating a fair and equitable environment.

Mobile devices bring amazing shows to your students' ears

8 Podcasts for Learning

Share popular podcasts with your students to bring a variety of subjects to life.

  A SPECIAL EDUTOPIA BLOG SERIES PRESENTED BY  Blackboard Pop in and out at Edcamp Home, for example -- PD in your PJs!

Hangouts on Air: Connecting Teachers with Experts Around the World

Learn how to use this popular Google tool to teach educators about technology.



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Trend Report + Better & Faster Pattern 5/6: REDUCTION!

on Monday, April 27, 2015

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Greetings !

Today's newsletter features a video that explains the Reduction pattern in my new book, which made it onto the NY Times Best Sellers List again for the month of April. If you haven't picked up your copy, buy it HERE now to get $250 worth of FREE extras from Trend Hunter (each book has a special code that unlocks all a variety of free trend research).

In the video, I share the story of the company I Do Now I Don't, a brand that found opportunity in failed happily-ever-afters by reselling engagement rings. I Do Now I Don't is a key example of the pattern Reduction in my book and the concept of uncovering opportunity in an untapped niche market, such as recent divorcees.

REDUCTION innovation includes: simplifying a business concept or focusing it more on a specific idea. Includes: specialization, removing layers and steps, fractioning, crowd- sourcing, subscriptions, localization, and efficiency.

1. What parts of your business do consumers actually CARE about?
2. How many ways could you imagine a SIMPLER start-up?


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PRO Trends
Hybrid Dining
Boutique restaurants offer dual services for experiential entertainment
Implications - No longer content with simple dining experiences, many consumers are searching for hybrid spaces that offer more stimulus. Rather than being a solution for the time-crunched consumer,... [More]
Artisan Meat
Offering carnivores elevated service, meat retailers enhance the buying process
Implications - Moving away from typically rustic deli establishments, meat services are turning to sophisticated aesthetics and customized services to add intrigue. Recognizing the growing desire... [More]
Motion Branding
Consumers are responding to fashion marketing that highlights products in motion
Implications - In an effort to keep from becoming static, many fashion retailers are placing a greater emphasis on movement when it comes to fashion branding. In a day and age where the sedentary... [More]

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Top 100 Business Trends in April

From Coffee Delivery Services to Wi-Fi Reward Programs

Top 100 Marketing Trends in April

From Detoxifying Juice Branding to Virtual Reality Parties

Top 75 Home Products in April

From Hyperconnected Ovens to Household Advisor Apps

7. Top 100 Food Ideas in April

8. Top 100 Tech Trends in April

9. Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April

10. Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in April

11. Top 95 Architecture Trends in April

12. Top 100 Branding Ideas in April

13. Top 65 Interactive Ideas in April

14. Top 100 Art & Design Ideas in April

Featured Clusters

28 Amazing South Asian Destinations

These Are Must-See Hotspots When Visiting South Asia

50 DIY Festival Accessories

From DIY Fringe Kimonos to Repurposed Paper Crowns

Top 100 Inventions Trends of 2014

From LED Keyhole Inserts to Hanging Tablet Holders

43 DIY Kitchen Hacks

From Candy-Dispensing Fridge Hacks to Chalkboard Butcher Blocks


15 Online Branding Strategies

From Infectious Marketing to Local Sustainability

45 Keynotes on the Future

From Revolutionized Retail Experiences to Social Media and Gender

53 Science-Based Presentations

From Spreading Science Literacy to Behavioural-Based Design

31 Speeches on Motivation

From Achieving Failure to Stretching Goals Further


42 Examples of Bizarre Advertising

From Immersive Beer Campaigns to Disappearing Floor Stunts

54 Examples of Brand Fandom

From Hazelnut Spread Jewelry to Fried Chicken Car Fresheners

40 Artisan Food Products

From Custom-Churned Condiments to Craft Ice Cream

43 Fun Food Packages

Playful Wrappers from Stackable Snack Blocks to Superhero-Suited Lollipops

Pop Culture

45 Subscription Service Gift Ideas

From Gourmet Gift Websites to Sock Subscription Services

20 Gifts for Frozen Film Fans

These Frozen Gift Ideas Include Posh Fashions and Lingerie Items

30 Gifts for Stoners

From Cannabis Cookie Cutters to Drinkable Marijuana

51 Gifts for the Homebody

From Hi-Tech Tea Brewers to Handheld Napping Pillows


15 Innovative Big Data Startups

From Collaborative Data Tools to Business Insights Apps

20 Examples of Technology Collaborations

From Fashionable Tech Jewelry to Basketball Star Apps

Top 35 Science Ideas in March

From 10-Minute Ebola Tests to Human Colonization Expeditions

15 Affordable Water Solutions

From Sea-Purifying Canteens to Solar-Powered Toilets

Art & Design

Top 30 Art Photography Trends in March

From Cheeky Superhero Photos to Global School Lunches

100 Scandinavian Design Finds

From Simplistic Frame Furniture to Earthy Swedish Abodes

60 Novel Cooking Tutorials

From Instant Noodle Puddings to Fruity Cereal Treats

100 Gifts for the Mixologist

From Bronze Cocktail Shakers to Alcoholic Tea Mixers


10 Examples of Eco Plastic Packaging

From Plant-Based Plastic Containers to Biodegradable Bowls

15 Examples of Health Food Venues

From Interactive Health Dining to Fresh Vegan Food Trucks

14 Examples of Sustainable Beauty Packaging

From Bamboo Blush Cases to Spherical Wooden Perfumes

100 Gift Ideas For Cyclists

From Bicycle-Mounted BBQs to Citrus Fruit Helmets


20 First Class Flying Innovations

From Luxury Airplane Suites to Luxe Airline Accomodations

19 Leisurely Experiences for Women

From Female-Focused Festival Lounges to Natural Cosmetic Spas

50 Parisian Fashion Editorials

From Flamboyant Frenchman Portraits to Chic French Photography

Top 35 Luxury Products in March

From Customizable Floating Homes to Discrete Diamond Timepieces


Top 75 Art Photography Trends of 2014

From Intimate Body Images to Documentary Trans Photography

55 Coachella Festival Fashions

From Dip-Dyed Feather Earrings to Bohemian Fringe Carryalls

55 Luxurious Everyday Goods

From Neo-Luxe Origami Bags to Sleek Snakeskin Slip-Ons

50 Fashionable Backpack Accessories

From Luxe Designer Carryalls to Streamlined Cyclist Bags

Microloan-Giving Tees

Kindaholic Nutrition Bars

Hand-Loomed Stringy Bags

Recognizing the Edge of Disruption

20 Social Change Talks

85 World-Changing Presentations

18 Talks About Having Fun

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