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on Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Special Offer on Custom Research For Subscribers - Since you are a loyal subscriber, we'd like to offer you a discounted trial on our custom service to help you maximize your career potential and upgrade to custom research to help you find better ideas, faster.

In short, top-tier innovators at Kellogg's, Crayola and Intel rely on our one week turnaround for custom idea-filled trend reports at an unbeatable price. With our scientific approach, 100,000,000 person focus group and dedicated advisors we cost-effectively scour the world, filter chaos and Find Better Ideas, Faster.

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PRO Trends
Upscaling Unhealthy
Luxuriously revamped junk food appeals to consumers with discriminating tastes
Implications - Indulgently unhealthy foods are receiving a rebranding of sorts, being now marketed as charming, artisan goods. Instead of supplementing these foods for reduced calorie versions,... [More]
Grunge Glamorization
Pricey takes on grunge lets consumers take part without sacrificing quality
Implications - The popularity of purposely worn-out fashion is at a high, and to bridge the gap between high-end consumers and the lower-end side of fashion, upscale designers are producing their... [More]
Glamorizing Awkward
Brands turn to purposely awkward branding to relate to consumers
Implications - Brands are turning to comically awkward advertising and products in order to come across as relatable. Awkwardness has become a popular aspect of humor, and is a more subtle approach... [More]

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Awamaki Lab Brings Tradition and Fashion Innovation Together

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'Groceries Apparel' Uses Textiles Like Recycled Plastic, Vintage Denim

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Doug Henderson, President of Bowers & Wilkins N.A.

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Scott Hardy, President and CEO at Polaroid

Convenience is Key When it Comes to Managing Mobile Commerce

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