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TREND REPORT: Cultured Dining, Tech-Assisted Alcohol and top trends!

on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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The focus of this week's featured PRO Trend -- Cultured Dining -- explores the ways brands can discover opportunity in unexpected places -- like in different industries. While not all businesses will be able to find the right inspiration from art or food, they can find it in a multitude of divergent industries. Cuisine and art is just one example of the ways brands can create exciting and unique experiences for consumers through the marriage of different markets.


Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter (@jeremygutsche)

P.S. If you're wanting to track me down, here's my innovation keynote schedule:
Aug 4 - Vancouver
Aug 15 - Las Vegas
Sep 2 - New York
Sep 18 - Washington
Sep 19 - Orange County, California
Sep 28 - Amelia Island
Sep 29 - Orlando
Sep 30 - Destin, Florida
Oct 3 - Warsaw
Oct 8 - Houston
Oct 9 - Palm Desert
Oct 15 - Austin
Oct 23 - Las Vegas
Nov 10 - Orlando
Nov 20 - Alliston
Oct 1 - Atlantic City

More details HERE.

Sample PRO Trends
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Upcycled Dining

High-end restaurants and lounges adopt a rustic reused look
Implications - Today’s consumer is not satisfied by simple quality and instead, seeks an extra element of novelty from their entertainment. Smart restaurateurs and others from the service... [More]

Cultured Dining

Art and culture adds prestige to the dining experience
Implications - The more foodie culture grows, the more cuisine is accepted as its own art form. This has prompted a more tangible marriage of food and art as restaurateurs, chefs and lounge owners... [More]

Tech-Assisted Alcohol

Bartending becomes exponentially easier with the addition of technology
Implications - The fast pace of today’s society calls for more streamlined services. This has resulted in the release of many gadgets and apps dedicated to making the alcohol-serving process... [More]

Top 15 This Week
To deep dive into any category, go to :

1. Harsh Truth Logos

Universal Unbranding by Maentis is a Series of Satirical Art

2. Petite Luxury Campers

The MINI Campers are Ideal for the Modern-Day Adventurer

3. Skyscraper-Sized Model Photography

Caleb Lim Shoots a Literal Fashion Titan

4. 31 Eccentric Swimsuit Designs

From Skimpy Shark Bite Swimsuits to Zoological Swimwear Designs

5. Morbid Mischief Ads

This Campaign for Danone Densia Features Skeletal Wayward Youth

6. Attachable Bicycle Motors

The Rubbee Electric Drive Turns Any Bike into an Electric Bike

7. Water Gypsy Photography

Swimming Cities of Serenissima by Tod Seelie Documents an Adventure

8. 100 Bachelor Pad Necessities

From Sleek Home Multimedia Centers to Light Sensor Pool Tables

9. Strikingly Surreal Landscapes

These Photos Contain Mysterious Figures and Unusual Surroundings

10. Surreal Sweater Collections

MSGM and TOILETPAPER Collaborate to Form Eccentric Jumper Designs

11. Encrusted Beauty Editorials

The PS Magazin 'Shining' Photoshoot is Fantastically Luxurious

12. Dual Defensive Devices

This Safety Alarm Acts as a Weapon and Personal Siren

13. Modern Gatsby-Inspired Lookbooks

The Wildfox Daisy AW13 Catalog is Casually Glamorous

14. Computer Component Phone Cases

The Hard Drive iPhone Case Looks Like an Internal Part of a Desktop

15. Futuristic Monochromatic Shoots

'The Future in Black & White' is a Stunning Grayscale Series

Hot in Tech

1. Bizarrely Childlike Adult Photography

Cristian Girotto's L'Enfat Exterieur Turns Adults into Kids

2. Toy-Inspired Pill Reminders

Never Forget to Take Your Meds Again with the Toothbrush Pill Reminder

3. Intricately Carved Spy Cams

The 'Twitch' Pendant Camera Lets You Spy in Style

Hot in Art & Design

1. Stunning Human Body Paintings

These Body Optical Illusions Question What is Really Seen

2. Artistic Vegetable Photography

Organic Figure by Harald J. Braun is Vibrantly Mesmerizing

3. Incredibly Intricate Eco-Sculptures

These Shrub Sculptures were Made for a Competition in Montreal

Hot in Marketing

1. Whimsically Deteriorating Lookbooks

The Bohemique Cruise 2013 Takes a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

2. Flirty Sleepwear Lookbooks

The Wildfox 2013 Sleepwear Collection Features Comfy and Cozy PJs

3. Ugly Dolls Proposal

Creative Engagement Video From Trend Hunter's CEO and VP

Hot in Pop Culture

1. Hyper-Realistic Celebrity Skins

These Hyperflesh Masks Come in Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson and More

2. Nostalgic Aged Cartoons

These Grown Up Cartoon Characters Bring Back Child-Like Memories

3. Opulent Fashion Editorials

This Editorial for Harper's Bazaar Features Royally Styled Looks

Hot in Eco

1. Abandoned Ship Gardens

This Floating Forest is a Stunning Upcycle of an Old Abandoned Ship

2. 71 Sustainable Eco Homes

From Shipping Containers Abodes to Matrix Mansions

3. Whimsical Orb Lighting

The Clear Light by Siyu Huang and Jiahui Song is Powered by Saline Water

1. Justice-Driven Clothing

Sevenly and Destiny Rescue Team Together to End Child Slavery

2. One-for-One Hosiery Brands

Bombas Socks Help Give Customers and Those in Need Quality Garments

3. Aquaculture Business Competitions

'Fish 2.0' is for Sustainable Fisheries and Investors

1. 10 Examples of Innovative Apps

From the Weight of Data to the Element of Play in Advertising

2. 30 Social Business Speeches

From Corporate Compassion to Data without Borders

3. The Value of Social Businesses

Thomas Cooley's Social Business Speech Discusses Driven Students

1. Supercharging Your Brand's Ecommerce Product Marketing

2. How Digital Retail Technology Can Help Revitalize a Brand

3. Effective and Efficient Ways to Enhance Social Media Content Promotion

Hot in Luxury

1. Sleek Spy-Inspired Fashion

The Gucci Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign Stars Super Secretive Styles

2. Cube-Like Luxury Liners

This Luxury Yacht Concept is Unusually Geometric

Hot in Fashion

1. Artistic Tool-Infused Fashion

This Fashion Series Incorporates Paint Brushes into Each Look

2. 100 Pastel-Colored Hair Looks

From Purple Punk Editorials to Bold Multi-Ethnic Campaigns

3. Sensual Floral-Filled Series

This Glamour Italia August 2013 Editorial is Blooming with Fashion

Top Lists

1. 75 Hip Hair Headbands

From DIY Floral Headbands to Bold Bow Tie Editorials

2. 16 Visually Stimulating Music Videos

From Raunchy Minimalistic to Vindictively Gothic Music Videos

3. 10 Royal Baby-Inspired Innovations

From Regal Baby Diapers to Royal Baby Beer Commercials

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