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on Friday, August 30, 2013


Does your website play well with others?

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Make your site more social by adding social media icons, a Facebook Like button or a Twitter feed. Read on to learn how.

Setting up Social Media Icons

Make it easy for your site visitors to stay in touch with you. We offer lots of options to connect your site to a wide variety of popular social media services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+, email & more!

Each theme includes optional social icon links from the header. Plus, the Social Icons element can be placed directly into the content and footer areas of your site. Use the envelope icon to link directly to your contact page or email address.

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Adding a Facebook Like (Share) Button to Your Site

Adding a Facebook Like button to your site is a great way to let visitors share your website with their friends.

Add a Facebook Like button to your site >

Adding a Twitter Feed to Your Site

Adding a Twitter feed to your website lets you share all your recent tweets with your visitors. It's a great way to keep your site content alive and fresh if you tweet regularly.

Add a Twitter feed to your site >

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TREND REPORT: Emoticon Storytelling, Lyric Obsession and top trends!

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Brands today are constantly looking for new ways to connect and interact with young consumers. Tapping into this unique demographic is often a challenge for many brands, but this week's featured PRO Trend -- Emoticon Storytelling -- showcases an unusual yet clever way to connect with this group. Brands that can echo this type of exclusive communication between consumers will appeal to younger markets.


Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter (@jeremygutsche)

P.S. If you're wanting to track me down, here's my innovation keynote schedule:
Sep 2 - New York
Sep 5 - Banff, Alberta
Sep 18 - Washington
Sep 19 - Orange County, California
Sep 28 - Amelia Island
Sep 29 - Orlando
Sep 30 - Destin, Florida
Oct 3 - Warsaw
Oct 8 - Houston
Oct 9 - Palm Desert
Oct 15 - Austin
Oct 23 - Las Vegas
Nov 10 - Orlando
Nov 20 - Alliston
Oct 1 - Atlantic City

More details HERE.

Sample PRO Trends
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Emoticon Storytelling

Previously reserved for online only, emoticons are entering new territory
Implications - Emoticons, particularly those used for iPhones, are being adopted by artists and marketers alike to succinctly relate and communicate to consumers. Creating an alternative mode of... [More]

Lyric Obsession

A fascination with popular bands and songs results in meme-like products
Implications - Playing off of consumers’ desires to communicate a niche interest or passion to the world, products that integrate popular lyrics are gaining a strong following. Being... [More]

Invasive Installation

Street art takes a turn from shocking to engaging
Implications - Street art has long been understood as a subversive, eye-catching form of expression, but it’s taking a turn for the more engaging. Pieces that encourage human interaction with... [More]

Top 15 This Week
To deep dive into any category, go to :

1. Swing Bed Tents

The Nube Hammock Shelter by Richard Rhett Enhances Camping Experience

2. 66 Minimalist Tech Gadgets

From Minimalist Micro Boomboxes to Digit-Shaped LED Clocks

3. 100 Examples of Retro-Style Tech

From MP3 Record Players to Large-Scale Retro Phones

4. 44 Apps for Creative Minds

These Fun Apps Let You Practice Your Artistic Abilities

5. Sour-Faced Babe Photography

This Series by April Maciborka Shows Babies Eating Lemons

6. Upcycled Pallet Headboards

Turn an Ordinary Pallet into Chic Bedroom Decor with This Guide

7. Casually Flirtatious Lookbooks

The Urban Outfitters Fall 2013 Style Book Stars Ali Michael

8. Newborn Prison Onesies

The Nine Month Footie by Sara Kety is Filled with Crimes and Cuteness

9. Anime-Inspired Apparel

The Anne Sofie Madsen SS14 Collection is Dynamic

10. Adult Comedy-Inspired Photoshoots

The ELLE Ukraine September 2013 Editorial Stars Milly Simmonds

11. Deluxe Dog-Sized Beds

These Dog Beds by Cedel Are Like Bedroom Sets for Canines

12. Luxuriously Restored Trailers

A 1954 Hunting Lodge Transforms into a Luxury Trailer

13. Timeless Androgynous Fashion

The Some Magazine 'Her Name is Belmondo' Editorial Stars Anna Kedzior

14. Dystopian Survival Kits

Chiu Chih Has Created a Bag That Will Act as a Futuristic Survival Kit

15. Open-Sourced Furniture

The OpenDesk Allows People to Partake in the Production Process

Hot in Tech

1. Self-Assembling Automobiles

Audi Has Come Up with the Futuristic Concept for a 3D-Printed Car

2. 20 Examples of Experiential Retail

From Pop-Up Shopping Pods to Augmented Reality Dressing Rooms

3. Men-Targeted Smartphones

The Mann A18 is Designed with the Macho Outdoorsman in Mind

Hot in Art & Design

1. Submerged Hand Coffee Cups

These Halloween Mugs Will Spook Unsuspecting Guests

2. Delicately Folded Footwear

Unifold by Horatio Yuxin Han is Made from One Piece of Material

3. Upcycled School Bus Homes

Student Architect Hank Butitta Makes a School Bus Home

Hot in Marketing

1. Edgy Urban Lookbooks

The Bershka August/September 2013 Catalog Stars Yulia Terentieva

2. Film Noir-Like Eyewear Ads

The Super Fall 2013 Campaign is Captured in Black and White

3. Romantically Bohemian Lookbooks

The Artisan De Luxe Fall 2013 Catalog Counts the Days Until Autumn

Hot in Pop Culture

1. Elegant Circus Editorials

This Fashion Series Features Costume Style Clothing and a Merry Go Round

2. Steamy Workout Duo Series

Russh Magazine's 'Body Heat' Editorial Makes Gym Time Look like a Breeze

3. Vulgar Cute Kitten Tees

These Cheeky T-Shirts Tell You the Downside of Cats

Hot in Eco

1. Minimalist E-Bike Concepts

The E-MX Electric Motorcycle is Designed with Subtly in Mind

2. Organic Vegetable Art

Martin Sati's Food Artwork is Made From Multiple Cups of Food and Veggies

3. Ghandi-Inspired Flip Flops

Gurus are an Eco-Friendly Shoe with a 5,000 Year-Old History

1. Small Business Incentives

Kenny Moscot’s Small Business Speech Talks About the Government

2. The Benefits of an Adventurous Spirit

Meike Winnemuth's Discovery Speech Talks Exploring the World

3. A New Approach to Schizophrenia

Eleanor Longden's Schizophrenia Speech Examines the Condition

1. Creating Connections with Content Marketing (INTERVIEW)

David King, Creator at Generate Creative

2. Using Social Media for Insight (INTERVIEW)

Walter Levitt, Executive VP, CMO at Comedy Central

3. How a Membership-Based Business Can Intrigue Customers

Hot in Luxury

1. Top 20 Trends of the Day

From Unique Home Decor Ideas to Luxurious Crystal Sunglasses

2. Dark Gentlemen's Club Campaigns

The Dior Homme 'The Players' Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign is Suave

3. Luxe All-Inclusive Showers

The 'Steam Shower Room' Amps Up Your Shower Experience

Hot in Fashion

1. Permanent Smile Plastic Surgery

Smile Lipt Addresses the Commonality of Natural Frowns in Korea

2. Feminine Grunge Editorials

The Vogue Paris September 2013 Spread Shows the Girly Side to Grunge

3. 70 Unnecessarily High Heels

From Carnivorous High Heels to Soberingly Sky-High Heels

Top Lists

1. 31 Pieces of Bold Bamboo Furniture

From Sustainable Social Seating to Blow Up Bamboo Furniture

2. 50 DIY Disney Costumes

From Cinderella-Inspired Footwear to Evil Queen Cosmetic Tutorials

3. 49 Super Sleek Convertibles

From Classic Roofless Cars to Drop-Top Supercars

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