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Do They Get It?

on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tech Lit and Relevant Learning (Video); Exit Tickets; Tech-Friendly Formative Assessment Tools; Big (Printable) List of Assessment Strategies |

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Edutopia News. What Works in Education.
January 27, 2016

Strategies to Check for Understanding

Designing, how often and when, and other uses for exit tickets

Exit Tickets for Quick Check-Ins

Watch how you can use ungraded assessments to find out how students are doing.

Intimidated by all the choices? Here's help locating the right tool

Tech-Friendly Formative Assessment Tools

Tips for selecting the right tool, collecting data, and using it to plan better lessons.

Microsoft HackTheClassroom

Read more -- Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding

53 Ways to Check for Understanding

 DOWNLOAD   Use this big, printable list of assessment strategies to discover new ways of verifying what students have learned.


PBS Digital Innovators

A detailed look at how it's done and applying the SAMR Model

Using Content to Teach Tech Literacy

 VIDEO   See how this elementary school embeds technology into the curriculum to create real-world connections.


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How Do You Reach EVERY Student?

on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Response to Intervention How-to (Edutopia Video); Build Inquiry Through Making; 6 Strategies for Differentiating PBL; The Teacher Curse; Peer Feedback |

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Edutopia News. What Works in Education.
January 20, 2016

Strategies to Reach All Learners

RTI allows teachers to assess how students are doing weekly -- even daily

Help Struggling Students With Response to Intervention

Learn how this elementary school sets up smaller learning groups and monitors student success.

Here are specifics to help you contextualize what it looks like in the classroom

6 Strategies for Differentiating PBL

Six simple, effective approaches to differentiated instruction in project-based learning.

Microsoft HackTheClassroom

Maker projects can be created to support just about any subject area

Inspire ALL Learners Through Making

Build inquiry and engage students in creating things that matter to them.


PBS Digital Innovators

  A SPECIAL SERIES PRESENTED BY  Scholastic DI looks at instructional planning based on content, process, and products

Let Diverse Learners Process Their Understanding

These simple strategies and tools can help you get quick reflections of student understanding.


Shift the mindset that students are writing only for their teacher

The Power of Peer Feedback

 COMMUNITY   See how to create a safe space so that students get the most out of peer feedback.


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Growth Mindset Strategies That Work

on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Research Busts the Most Common Myths of Growth Mindset; 13 Common Sayings to Avoid; The Power of Productive Struggle; Inspirations Instead of Resolutions |

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Edutopia News. What Works in Education.
January 13, 2016

Strategies to Build Grit and Resilience

Research has revealed a tool that can enhance students' motivation

How to Debunk a False Growth Mindset

Dr. Carol Dweck, who first identified growth mindset, debunks some common myths.

Independent work time allows for puzzling and reasoning

Harnessing the Power of Productive Struggle

Discover tactics this second-grade math teacher uses to empower kids to embrace struggle.

Microsoft HackTheClassroom

Rather than listing resolutions for 2016, consider inspirations

The One Thing I Want to Try in 2016

Flex YOUR growth mindset with these ideas from the Edutopia community.


A true thinker learns as much from failures as from successes

Freedom to Fail Forward

 VIDEO   Watch these seven powerful videos that show what it looks like to learn from failure.

Dweck's research is applicable to all people, not just students

Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff

 COMMUNITY   Can a teacher with a fixed mindset teach a student to have a growth mindset?


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Greetings !

If you missed out on CES 2016, don't worry -- we've got you covered!

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From the future of health-tracking devices to tech-embedded fashion and virtual reality transportation experiences, the CES 2016 Sample Trend Report covers the most popular announcements and releases from the event.

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PRO Trends
Accessible Navigation
GPS technology expands to enhance consumer assurance
Implications - As more people come to rely on GPS, the technology has evolved to become even more accessible. By offering easier access in a variety of different contexts and modes of transport,... [More]
Inconspicuous Fitness
Consumers turn to fashion-forward performance gear
Implications - The next generation of activewear is a hybrid of performance gear and street clothes. Similar to the “normcore” movement, this era of style takes traditional wardrobe... [More]
Hedonistic Alternative
Brands marry taste with health when it comes to diet alternatives
Implications - As consumers become more conscious of diet sensitivities, they turn to dairy-free alternatives such as nut milk. However, consumers don’t want to feel like they are missing out... [More]
Connected Dining
Restaurants update their space with hi-tech features
Implications - In addition to meeting demands for convenience, food service technology has evolved to serve a greater purpose of connecting consumers. Much like how beacon has revolutionized the... [More]
Aspirational Retail
Consumers gravitate toward curated retail displays
Implications - In a continuation of the store-within-a-store approach, many retailers are offering installations and in-store exhibits that best showcase their products. As more and more consumers... [More]

Hot This Week

Top 100 Auto Trends in 2015

From Sand Racer Vehicles to House-Bus Cabins

Top 100 Kitchen Trends in 2015

From Magnetic Wall Storage to Digital Cooking Tables

Top 100 Gadgets Trends in 2015

From Tiny Drone Toys to Smart Wireless Earbuds

Top 100 Architecture Trends in 2015

From Contemporary Tree House Abodes to Modern Country Cabins

Top 100 Mobile Trends of 2015

From Real-Time Translation Apps to Dual Smartphone Cases

Top 100 Life-Stages Trends in 2015

From Tattooed Senior Photography to Smart Dinosaur Toys

7. Top 100 Furniture Trends in 2015

8. Top 100 Fashion for Men Trends in 2015

9. Top 100 Sports Trends in 2015

10. Top 100 Jewelry Trends in 2015

11. Top 100 Print Trends in 2015

12. Top 100 Hair Trends in 2015

13. Top 100 Unique Trends in 2015

14. Top 100 Food Trends of 2015

Featured Clusters

79 Food-Based Delivery Services

From Parisian Picnic Services to Mountainside Pizza Deliveries

15 Transparent Watch Designs

From Arachnid-Inspired Wristwatches to Skeleton Cell Watches

11 Airport Retail Experiences

From Experiential Duty Free Shops to Luxe Airport Champagne Bars

36 High-Tech Health Watches

From Athletic Tracking Timepieces to Handy Hydration Watches


55 Talks About Activism

From Making Climate Change Relevant to Advocating for Online Equality

22 Investment Presentations

From Smart Investment Decisions to the Role of Character in Success

40 Examples of Modern Leadership

From Customer Obsession to Loyalty-Encouraging Leadership

55 Speeches on the Future

From the Future of Disruptive Technology to Community-Based Commerce


22 Streamlined Monthly Subscription Boxes

From Unhealthy Treat Subscriptions to Kiddie Coding Kits

Top 100 Social Good Trends in October

From Homeless Bus Shelters to Gamified Recycling Programs

33 Cold Brew Coffee Innovations

From Cold Brew Coffee Kits to Cold Coffee-Juice Hybrids

18 Community Retail Innovations

From Hybrid Bookshop Cafes to Local Membership Cards

Pop Culture

Top 100 Baby Trends of 2015

From Chic Diaper Backpacks to Hanging Felt Cradles

37 Pop Culture LEGO Collaborations

From Superhero LEGO Statues to Robot LEGO Toys

Top 30 Publicity Stunt Trends in October

From Futuristic Film Beverages to Brand Unity Burgers

Top 100 Humor Trends of 2015

From Hairy Disney Princesses to Emoji Bobblehead Stunts


46 High-Tech Luggage Tools

From Smart Suitcase Trackers to One-Touch Luggage Locks

70 Examples of Innovative Smartwatches

From Analog Smartwatches to Ultraviolet-Tracking Wristbands

30 Touchscreen Retail Displays

These Interactive In-Store Displays Simplify the Shopping Process

Top 100 Tech Trends of 2015

From Menswear E-Commerce Sites to Pocket-Sized Computers

Art & Design

40 Examples of Narrative Branding

From Maritime Potato Packaging to Modern Mediterranean Branding

28 Environmental Photography Series

From Chinese Pollution Pictures to Haunting Nature Shoots

35 Cream Cookie Creations

From Bacon-Wrapped Cookies to Red Velvet Cookie Cakes

Top 100 Life Trends in August

From Urban Home Garden Kits to Fatherhood Vow Campaigns


60 Marine-Themed Products

Celebrate World Maritime Day with These Beautiful Oceanic Displays

100 Examples of Eco-Friendly Gadgets

From Eco-Friendly Way-Finders to Rainproof Solar Chargers

100 Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

From Mobile Camping Kitchens to Fire-Starting Pens

15 Resourceful Map Apps

From Crowdsourced Mapping Apps to Scenic Route Map Apps


40 Statement-Making Sunglasses

From Daring Dinosaur Shades to Faux Fur Sunglasses

22 Innovative Spa Ideas

From Slimy Reptile Spas to Urbanized Spa Cabins

60 Secret Agent-Inspired Products

From Designer Poker Sets to Delicious Spy-Worthy Spirits

Top 100 Tech Trends in September

From Home Automation Buttons to Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas


74 Animal-Themed Jewelry Designs

From Adorable Animal Accessories to Silver Octopus Necklaces

60 Male Grooming Aids

Celebrate Men's Grooming Day with These Handsome Male Beauty Products

45 Lustrous Reptilian Fashions

From Crocodile Skin Canteens to Handbag-Inspired Sneakers

37 Examples of Tech-Integrated Textiles

From Water-Soluble Dresses to Credit Card Couture

Satirical Humanitarian Games

Anti-Trash Communities

Charitable Cork Yoga Mats

Innovation by Adaptation

15 Ways Social Media Enables Democracy

15 Presentations on Social Business

30 Career-Focused Speeches

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