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TREND REPORT: Social Unveiling, Augmented Play and a big thank you!

on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Thanks to everyone who sent their notes of condolences about my father. We tried to make the funeral a celebration of his life, and many people came to share their wonderful stories about him. If you missed the story about my dad, and how he inspired Trend Hunter, you can see my tribute here.

Again, thank you for all your support.


Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter (@jeremygutsche)

P.S. If you're wanting to track me down, here's my innovation keynote schedule:
Sep 28 - Amelia Island
Sep 29 - Orlando
Sep 30 - Destin, Florida
Oct 3 - Warsaw
Oct 8 - Houston
Oct 9 - Palm Desert
Oct 15 - Austin
Oct 23 - Las Vegas
Nov 10 - Orlando
Nov 20 - Alliston
Oct 1 - Atlantic City

More details HERE.

Sample PRO Trends
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Social Unveiling

Brands are turning to social media instead of events to debut products
Implications - Tapping into the ability for social media to reach a wide audience quickly, designers and brands alike are turning to platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest to debut new products.... [More]

Indulgence Reformatted

Classically calorie-laden foods are getting a health overhaul
Implications - Allowing weight-conscious consumers to avoid feeling deprived from favorite foods, classic dishes like pizza are getting format and ingredient overhauls that still reference the... [More]

Augmented Play

Children's products are getting a more advanced makeover
Implications - Often used in marketing campaigns and other adult-targeted projects, augmented reality is increasingly being integrated into products intended for children. Whether enhancing the... [More]

Top 15 This Week
To deep dive into any category, go to :

1. Cross-Dressing Princess Cartoons

Haruki Godo's 'Costume Swap' has Disney Characters Trade Clothes

2. Sensual Boarding School Shoots

The VS Magazine October 2013 Issue Features Stunning School Girls

3. Simplistically Intimate Photo Diaries

Summer Love for Purple Diary 2013 Offers a Glimpse at Chebo

4. Regal Rocker Editorials

This Edgy Fashion Editorial Features Elegant Clothes with Punk Elements

5. Amazingly Disguised Cakes

Louise Caola Bakes Cakes That Look Like Other Foods

6. Atypical Customizable Shelves

The Build Shelf Lets You Decide How You Want to Store Items

7. Customized Photo Wallets

The ThinFolio is an Ultra Thin Wallet That Displays Your Best Memories

8. Top 20 Trends of the Day

From Wildly Unique Food Innovations to Club-Like Luxury Apartments

9. Sunbathing Pixie Editorials

The Alexandra Cameron 'Free-Love' Editorial Snaps Free Spirits

10. 100 Creative Pumpkin Innovations

From DIY Any Flavor Freezies to Couture Gourd Carvings

11. Rainbow-Filtered Grunge Editorials

The Editorial 'Urban Grunge' Reveals Colorful Fall Grunge Looks

12. Clever Contemporary T-Shirts

The Glennz Tees 2013 Concepts Give a Twist to Pop Culture

13. Time Period Princess Fashion

The Realistic Disney Princess Outfits Match the Women to their Time

14. Futuristic Planet Couture Editorials

'The Third Planet from the Sun' is Out of This World

15. Futuristic Molecular Popsicles

The KYL21 Molecular Design Ice Pops are a Visual Treat

Hot in Tech

1. Bizarre Faceless Shirt Photography

The Flora Borsi 'lookbook' Reveals an Odd Fight with a Shirt

2. Expressive Tattoo Editorials

The Editorial 'Expressionism' Reveals AmazingTattoo Art

3. 50 Hilarious Apple Parodies

In Celebration of the Release Date for the Apple iOS 7 Download

Hot in Art & Design

1. Enchanting Shower Capsules

The Bodypsa Shower System by Kohler Starts Your Morning Right

2. Extravagant Cliff Dwellings

The Fall House Becomes One with the Landscape

3. Secluded Storage Space Homes

This Manhattan Loft is Transformed into a Megacity Modern Abode

Hot in Marketing

1. Social Media-Sourced Models

These Unconventional Diesel Models Were Spotted on Social Media

2. Nominal Eye-Grabbing Packages

March Pantry’s Packaging is Catchy in a Typographic Way

3. 45 Examples of Cross-Dressing Styles

Robin Williams in Drag Makes for Classic Career Performances

Hot in Pop Culture

1. Natural Disheveled Beach Editorials

Anna Roos Van Wijngaarden Rocks Beach Attire Effortlessly

2. Steamy Celebrity Offspring Photos

'Town & Country' Reveals Photos of Clint's Son Scott Eastwood

3. Minimalist Pokemon Illustrations

The Minimalist Eevee Designs Show How Far Pokemon Has Come

Hot in Eco

1. Suspended Spherical Hotels

The Spherical Tree House Hotel is Suspended 15 Feet in the Air

2. Hovering Bike Racks

The Vertical Bike Holder Cyble Hoists Bicycles Vertically to Save Space

3. Toucan-Inspired Tricycles

The Innovative nThree Trike is as Light as a Feather

1. Tree-Inspired Seating Arrangements

HighTower Branches Out with its New Modern Seating Designs

2. Poisonous Water Purifiers

The Clean Water Filtration System Harvests Chemicals for Ethical Sale

3. Globetrotting Craft Sites

Globein is a Virtual Marketplace for Artisans from Around the World

1. 15 Online Branding Strategies

From Infectious Marketing to Local Sustainability

2. 10 Personal Branding Strategies

From Monitoring Online Activity to Reputation & New Opportunities

3. 25 Data Presentations

These Data Presentations Offer Insights for Analyzing Seemingly Chaotic Data

1. Innovative Thinking Around Brand Values (INTERVIEW)

Wendy Durward, Director of Infiniti Canada

2. Creating Hit Products, With a Twist (INTERVIEW)

Kevin Hartley, Chief Innovation Officer, GMCR

3. How Cultural Innovation Spurs Product Growth (INTERVIEW)

Kevin McGinnis, VP of Development, Sprint

Hot in Luxury

1. Club-Like Luxury Apartments

These Rooms Will Make You Want to Throw a Party

2. Predatory Aviation-Inspired Autos

The Spyker B6 Venator Spyder Takes Cues from Vintage Aircrafts

3. Biology Embroidered Spring Attire

Christopher Kane Was Inspired by Biology for Spring 2014

Hot in Fashion

1. Vintage Airline Photography

Airline is a Coffee Table Book for Fashion Lovers and World Travelers

2. Achromatic Pastel Editorials

The Nyt T Style Woman's Fall 2013 Spread is Color-Coordinated

3. 70s-Inspired Nail Editorials

Holland Shoots the Far-Out Editorial ‘Color Blocking’ for

Top Lists

1. 90 Grunge Fashion Looks

From Platinum-Haired Surfer Portraits to Powdery Witchcraft Fashion Ads

2. 10 Middle Earth Fashion Must-Haves

From Movie Montage Hosiery to Hobbit-Inspired Jewels

3. 15 Must-See Hipster Cufflinks

From Suave DJ Mancessories to Chic Movember Alternatives

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