TREND REPORT: Ugly Dolls (HOW I PROPOSED) and Tech-Assisted Tracking

on Friday, July 26, 2013

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A Trend Hunter Proposal - On a personal note, I found myself faced with the exciting challenge of how to propose to the woman of my dreams. The problem was that she's also a Trend Hunter, so I knew I needed a creative twist. To win her over, I recreated our life story using Ugly Dolls, a counter-culture innovation with its own romantic back-story. If you want to see what a Trend Hunter needs to do to propose, check out the cute little video (and thanks to Shelby for saying yes!):

Ugly Dolls Proposal

On a trend note, today's chaotic world demands simplicity, order and organization. This week's featured PRO Trend -- Tech-Assisted Tracking -- hones in on a brand's ability to deliver these three things to consumers. While this PRO Trend focuses exclusively on high-tech tracking devices, the sense of control and peace of mind they give to consumers applies to all industries. Consumers shop more consciously today and want to know their investments are worthwhile and protected.


Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter (@jeremygutsche)

P.S. If you're wanting to track me down, here's my innovation keynote schedule:
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Sample PRO Trends
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Tech-Assisted Alcohol

Bartending becomes exponentially easier with the addition of technology
Implications - The fast pace of today’s society calls for more streamlined services. This has resulted in the release of many gadgets and apps dedicated to making the alcohol-serving process... [More]

Literal Social Drinking

Establishments encourage interaction with social-aiding accessories
Implications - Socializing is a large aspect of attending bars and consuming alcohol; however, the rise of the digital age signifies a potential decline in real-life socializing. To battle this,... [More]

Tech-Assisted Tracking

Technologies designed to help locate lost or stolen objects
Implications - Often used to help locate expensive products, high-tech tracking devices appeal to consumers who invest good money in their purchases. These products offer peace of mind to those who... [More]

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Levis' VP of Men's Design, Jonathan Kirby

3. Supercharging Your Brand's Ecommerce Product Marketing

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