New Ideas in Brain-Based Learning

on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Build Student Confidence in Divergent Thinking; Strategies for Focus and Calm; Video Games and Learning; Teaching Effective Communication |

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Edutopia. Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary
September 28, 2016
Brain-Based Learning in the Classroom

Strategies for guiding your students through these years of transformation.

Building Students' Cognitive Flexibility

Help your students become more open minded, and become more willing to make (and learn from) mistakes.

Brain breaks refocus us and help boost problem solving and emotional regulation.
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Brain Breaks and Focused-Attention Practices

Discover activities to stimulate students' minds when they need a change, and to focus and calm them when they're just too stimulated.

Common Phrases for ELLs

Action video games may be good for your students' brains - and ability to learn!

Action-Video Gameplay: Benefits and Dangers

Evidence suggests that action video games enhance higher-order brain functions, yet the violence built into most commercial titles is far from beneficial.

Learn how you can integrate strategies for effective talk in your classroom.
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"Oracy" in the Classroom: Strategies for Effective Talk

 VIDEO   Watch how this U.K. school develops confident students who can articulate their thoughts and learning.


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Preparing Digital Citizens

on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Managing Digital Etiquette; Evaluating Sources for Credibility; Safety in Online Spaces; Professional Development for Makers |

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Edutopia. Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary
September 21, 2016
Resources for Digital Citizenship Week (Oct.16-22)

Answer your questions about managing and educating students about digital etiquette.

6 Great Resources on Digital Citizenship

Help your students develop online responsibility and safety with these classroom activities and strategies for engaging parents.

Students using this framework are more aware of the need to evaluate credibility

Evaluating Websites as Sources of Information

In a recent study, only 4% of middle school students checked the accuracy of information they found on the web.

Common Phrases for ELLs

Teach students how to play on this virtual playground responsibly, ethically, and safely.
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Social Media at School

See how one seasoned educator embraces social media by teaching students about their digital footprint, digital identity, and cyberbullying.


Watch these students learn to speak on any topic and to any audience.
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Public Speaking: Skills for the Real World

 VIDEO   Watch how this U.K. school boosts students' confidence and well-being by helping them find -- and use -- their voices.

  A SPECIAL SERIES PRESENTED BY  Big Universe Discover how future-ready librarians are transforming school libraries into bustling makerspaces.

Crafting Professional Development for Maker Educators

Professional development for maker educators should introduce the materials and methods involved so that the teachers understand what students can learn from making.



Get students INVENTING!

Prize: littleBits STEAM Student Set ($299.95 value!)
Deadline: Sunday, October 2

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