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on Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Greetings !

This week I am excited to share our Behind-the-Scenes Trend Hunter video. For those of you who have never been to the Trend Hunter Headquarters in downtown Toronto, this video will give you a tour of the office and share some of the features that make our office culture so appealing to Millennials.

To watch the video and learn more about how Trend Hunter creates a Millennial-centric workplace, click here. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, if you haven't checked our the 2016 Trend Report, click here to learn how it can kick-start innovation among your team.


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PRO Trends
Experiential Entertaining
Consumers opt for experiential forms of DIY education
Implications - Food and beverage education is a rising area of interest for consumers who appreciate, and want to recreate, artisanal goods at home for entertainment purposes. Instead of relying on... [More]
Pop Culture Beverage
Millennials recreate their favorite pop culture icons with stylized beverages
Implications - In the spirit of making the act of imbibing more experiential, many consumers have turned to pop culture for inspiration. No longer reserved for themed parties and occasions,... [More]
Recipe Discovery
Consumers search for inventive ways to master preparing their own goods
Implications - As DIY and maker culture continue to gain momentum on a mainstream level, consumers are becoming more aware and interested in the details of making their own food and beverages. In... [More]
Informed Dining
Consumers search for food and beverage pairings to enhance their experience
Implications - Food and beverage pairings are becoming increasingly important to consumers who wish to create an all-encompassing dining experience. In addition to lifestyle platforms that offer... [More]
Tropical Indulgence
The beverage industry references fruity and floral notes from around the globe
Implications - Ethnic flavors continue to flood the mainstream as consumers experiment with bold, culturally diverse food and beverage. When it comes to sweeter fare, tropical fruits and florals are... [More]

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Pop Culture

18 Charismatic YouTube Channels

From Charitable YouTuber Campaigns to Preparatory Meal Videos

Top 100 Marketing Trends in October

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10 Rejuvenating Juice Bars

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27 Floral Jewelry Pieces

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25 Experiential Pop-Up Shops

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