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on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Greetings !

This week's featured PRO Trend, Social Rebranding, is a sub-segment of some our research in lifestyle and food. As companies grow in size, so too does their marketing approaches, often resulting in campaigns that feel overly exaggerated and hard to relate to. Seeking to acquire more of a genuine appeal that often falls in line with smaller, start-up retailers, big name brands are turning to social media platforms to engage with consumers on a more interactive, and personal level. Utilizing sites such as Twitter and Facebook allows conglomerates to engage with buyers on a more conversational level, bringing an air of humor and approachability to more corporate enterprises.

My favorite example of Social Rebranding is the recently launched Snapchat account by McDonald's.


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PRO Trends
Social Rebranding
Big brands turn to niche networking to create a more genuine overall appeal
Implications - As companies grow in size, so too does their marketing approaches, often resulting in campaigns that feel overly exaggerated and hard to relate to. Seeking to acquire more of a... [More]
Digital Prevention
Tech solutions stop consumers from having to suffer through minor health issues
Implications - Digital solutions are going to aid the modern consumer in the future for an experience that’s more in-line with their digital lifestyle, convenient and offers a surplus of... [More]
Augmented Philanthropy
Activists turn to surreal forms of marketing to convey urgency
Implications - Charities are moving towards marketing approaches that invade the space of consumers to force them to pay attention. Utilizing Photoshop and the materials of the surrounding area to... [More]

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