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Greetings !

As a thank you for being a loyal Trend Hunter, we have THREE free trend reports for you! In the past, we've never given away so many sample reports, but now that we've migrated to a more custom business, we wanted to give away inspiring research to those who have been part of our community. So thanks for being a subscriber, and enjoy!

Powerpoint Reports (8mb each)

Thanksgiving Innovation Report (PPT Download)
Gamification Report (PPT Download)
Wearable Tech Report (PPT Download)
BETTER and FASTER - Chapter 1

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PRO Trends
Winterized Couture
High fashion products get a cold weather overhaul to satisfy need for function
Implications - Cold weather apparel is associated with a bulky, utilitarian aesthetic, which is something brands are combating against with high end fashions designed with function and fashion in... [More]
Holistic Dessert
A guiltless aesthetic is adopted in traditionally indulgent treats and recipes
Implications - Organic and gluten-free consumers are always on the hunt for alternative ways to enjoy traditionally unhealthy foods, which has prompted the development of desserts that are holistic... [More]
Gluten-Free Refreshment
The rise of convenience sees beverages target alternative diets
Implications - More consumers than ever are practicing alternative lifestyles that are free from gluten and GMOs, which has prompted beverages free from such ingredients. As convenience culture... [More]

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