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on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Greetings !

Hope everyone is having a great week! This week's featured PRO Trend showcases the opportunity for brands that open up their typically niche markets to other groups. By creating products that are accessible to multiple groups of consumers -- through higher and lower end collaborations -- brands increase their appeal and develop a larger and more loyal clientele.

Our clients use PRO Trends such as Affordable Couture to market and sell to consumers they typically would not.


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PRO Trends
Relational Consumption
As fewer meals are eaten in groups, brands personify food to fill the void
Implications - Food is an inherently personal topic, as it is often consumed in close company, which subsequently engrains emotional connections. This notion of the consumer relationship with food... [More]
Alternative Indulgence
As foodie culture expands, connoisseurs opt for obscure drinkables
Implications - The rise in social media-obsessed foodies constantly on the lookout for unusual flavor pairings is being supported by a rise in beverages that center around imitating a familiar... [More]
Affordable Couture
Seeking to broaden appeal, designers turn to collaborations to entice consumers
Implications - With high-end fashion often marketed to a very niche and restricted market audience, efforts to expand consumer interest has prompted couture labels to move toward more accessible... [More]

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