LAST DAY for early bird tickets to join Tesla, Netflix & The World's Top Trend Hunters

on Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It is the LAST DAY for early-bird tickets to "The World's Best Innovation Conference" as we visit Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Vegas, Orlando and London.

Check the site to learn why Tesla, Netflix, Samsung and the World's Top Trend Hunters gather at Future Festival (or join 8,000,000 people who have watched the sample keynote videos)

Tickets as low as $599, TODAY ONLY:  

As a special offer, the VIP tickets include our entire 2017 Trend Report Platform, FREE.


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Act soon - 1 WEEK LEFT for early-bird pricing to FF NYC, LA, Chicago, Orlando, Vegas, London!

on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Greetings !

Over the last week, 500,000 people viewed my new Keynote Video on Disruption, which is a sample of the 2 keynotes I will be giving at Future Festival NYC, LA, Chicago, Orlando, Vegas and London. If you want a full day of 2017 trends and innovation, there's only 1 WEEK LEFT for EARLY-BIRD TICKETS.

Here are 5 reasons to book tickets THIS WEEK:
(in addition to our special early-bird pricing and getting our 2017 trend platform FREE):

1. INSPIRING: "Hands down, the best way to experience innovation and the future." – Red Bull
2. ENGAGING: 98% would like to attend again
3. IDEA-FILLED: 87% left with 10+ actionable ideas
4. DATA-DRIVEN: Learn next year's trends from the #1 trend firm & see new levels of insight from our big data on 130,000,000 people
5. ACTIONABLE: Leverage methods we've used to accelerate innovation for 500 leading brands

Visit to read why Red Bull, Starbucks, Disney, Netflix, Sony, Hasbro & Pepsi rely on our insight-packed training event!

ALSO, today's weekly trend report features 15 innovations to check out in each of the Future Festival cities. ENJOY!


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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Educational Robotics
Parents turn to hyper-engaging robots to encourage an interest in learning
Implications - As parents increasingly seek out products for their children that have an added benefit, brands are offering up exciting, interactive products that help children learn and develop new... [More]
Cultural Vacation
Family travel sees a child-centric shift towards educational tourism
Implications - One of the most culturally diverse and accepting demographics, Millennial parents seek to make cultural education more accessible for their children by immersing them in the languages,... [More]
Authentic Premiumization
Alcohol brands align with Millennial values through genuine branding
Implications - With more consumers educating themselves about premium alcohol, there's a shift in focus towards alcohol brands that promote regionally-sourced ingredients and authentic... [More]
Hot This Week

Top 15 London Innovations

From Moving Observation Towers to Content Creator Shops

Top 15 Los Angeles Innovations

From Fashion-Forward Coffee Shop to 3D Printing Culinary Labs

Top 15 Chicago Innovations

From Exclusive Menswear Boutiques to Old-School Donut Shops

Top 15 Las Vegas Innovations

From Shipping Container Shopping Centers to Minimalist Dessert Bars

Top 15 Orlando Innovations

From Artisan Food Markets to Community-Focused Coworking Spaces

Top 15 New York City Innovations

From Plant-Based Burger Joints to Wine-Soaked Spa Experiences

7. 25 Multicultural Brand Initiatives

8. 33 Examples of Gender-Inclusive Marketing

9. 50 Delicious Dairy-Free Snacks

10. 15 Futuristic Food Products

11. 26 Examples of Big Data Retail Personalization

12. 10 Adventurous Family Travel Options

13. 17 Family-Friendly Accommodations

Featured Clusters

32 Everyday AI Applications

From Bacteria-Killing Smart Vacuums to Infrared Connected Bulbs

40 Creative Candle Designs

From Beer-Scented Candles to Jewelry-Storing Votives

57 Examples of Experiential Luxury

From Boutique Concert Camps to Refined Cheese Pop-Ups

24 Unique Co-Working Offices

From House-Sharing Workspaces to Members-Only Coffee Bars


47 Captivating Keynotes by Politicians

These Inspiring Political Speeches Ignite Hope and Optimism

10 Speeches on Finding Purpose

From Fighting for Worthy Causes to Finding One's Path in Life

13 Tips for Engaging Presentations

From Persuasion by Fascination to Improving Speaking Skills

30 Speeches on Human Behavior and Choices

From Money Changes Everything to Making Choices Easier


24 Olympic Brand Campaigns

From International Chip Flavors to Olympic Video Game Giveaways

26 Inclusive Beauty Examples

From Subversive Fast Fashion Commercials to Cultural Emoji Concepts

18 Feel-Good Brand Partnerships

From Charitable Jewelry Collections to Pride Equality Initiatives

41 Nutritious Snack Labels

From Organic Popsicles to Toasted Coconut Clusters

Pop Culture

30 Gifts for Selfie Lovers

From Selfie-Capturing Drones to Light-Perfecting Smartphone Cases

48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

From Rio-Navigating Chatbots to Olympian VR Experiences

64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

From Candid Fashion Campaigns to Socially Conscious Ads

85 Celebrity-Branded Products

From Reality Star Emojis to Celebrity-Branded Chatbots


20 Water Purification Systems

From Water Purification Stations to Solar-Powered Filtration Systems

32 Immersive VR Experiences

From VR Ballet Performances to Virtual Reality Girlfriends

40 Gifts for Commuters

From Bottomless Coffee Cups to Compact Londboards

21 Levitating Gadgets

From Levitating Record Players to Futuristic Floating Speakers

Art & Design

10 Natural Allergy Remedies

From Allergy-Alleviating Sprays to Connected Aromatherapy Devices

100 Gifts for Camping Enthusiasts

From Portable Heating Blankets to Acclimatizing Salt Shakers

16 Creative Pizza Boxes

From Game-Embedded Pizza Boxes to To-Go Box Pizza Ovens

80 Board Game Gift Ideas

These Board Games Add Fun and Educational Activities to the Home


50 Artisanal Drinking Innovations

From Boozy Bubble Teas to Instant Craft Beer Powders

100 Gift Ideas for Travelers

From Translating Travel Shirts to Mouthwash Capsules

40 Luxury Skin Care Collections

From Eco-Friendly Cosmetics to Golden Face Masks

27 Unconventional Condiment Flavors

From Artichoke-Based Mixes to Spice-Infused Honeys


36 Unsually Crafted Men's Watches

From Supercar-Inspired Timepieces to Minimalist Nautical Watches

21 Luxury Carbon Fiber Cars

From Carbon Fiber Super Cars to Aviation-Inspired Cars

65 Examples of Millennial Luxury

From Exclusive Pop Star Merchandise to Healthy Protein Sweets

85 Streetwear Style Innovations

From Disney Collaborations to Ultra Luxe Subculture Series


25 Hair Care Accessory Innovations

From Edgy Hair Adornments to High Tech Drying Devices

100 Millennial Gift Ideas

From Millennial-Targeting Skincare Lines to Canned Wine Beverages

45 Unconventional Sunglasses Designs

From Futuristic Rihanna Collections to Pizza-Covered Lenses

19 Branded Fast Food Fashion Pieces

These Branded Pieces Show Where Fashion and Food Collide

55 Labor-Focused Social Businesses

Remote Healthcare Technologies

Ugly Produce Delivery Services

15 Decision Making Speeches

17 Presidential Speeches

30 Career-Focused Speeches

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