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SAVE THIS: Your free copy of the 2016 Trend Report (worth $1,000)

on Tuesday, December 22, 2015


To kick off your new year, I wanted to gift you with our 2016 Trend Report (worth $1,000) & some premium videos including our top 20 trends in 2016 video and a new keynote of mine with 4,500,000 views:

We've never given that report away free, but we've pivoted as a business towards two new service I'd invite you to try out:

1. FUTURE FESTIVAL - WHY NOT JOIN US? - Oct 5-7 - An exclusive conference where hundreds of the world's top innovators gather to prototype their future.  98% plan to return with 76% rating it the best business event they've ever attended.  You'll experience next year's trends from the #1 trend firm while prototyping 5-10 actionable ideas using the same award-winning workshops I've used to prototype the journey to Mars.

> "Undoubtedly the most meaningful conference I've ever attended." - VP, Aflac
> "The best event I've ever attended, and we go to Motorcycle Races" - Honda R&D

Watch the video, book off the time and reserve a ticket:

2. CUSTOM RESEARCH & PRESENTATIONS - START A TRIAL - Hundreds of the world's top innovators, like Samsung, Adidas, Target now rely on our dedicated advisors and 130,000,000 person virtual focus group to find BETTER ideas, FASTER... and for less money. Get 50-100 page custom reports for as low as $600, plus full access to the #1 trend platform, 80 categories of reports and in-office custom trend presentations. :)  

Email me back if you want some sample research, a topics call or a special trial. 

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Trend Hunter - The World's #1 Most-Powerful Trend Platform, Celebrating 2.5 Billion Views 
NY Times Bestselling Author of Better & Faster, and Exploiting Chaos



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Golden Rules for Engaging Students

Classroom Management via TV Game Shows?; Hour of Code Resources; Students Speak Out on Student Engagement; Inquiry-Based Learning; Round Robin Reading |

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Edutopia News. What Works in Education.
December 16, 2015

Helping Students Focus Through the 2015 Homestretch

Increase student engagement behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively

Golden Rules for Engaging Students

These six research-backed rules will help you create awesome learning activities.

Be a better teacher using classic game show analogies

Classroom Management via TV Game Shows?

Learn how to teach positive reinforcement, encouraging choice and establishing familiar routines from this unlikely (and entertaining!) source.

Drexel Online MS

220 student responses have reoccuring themes

Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement

What happens when you have the courage to ask your students what engages them? A veteran educator shares 10 insights.


PBS Digital Innovators

Students ask how do I problem solve, persevere, and understand cause-and-effect

Taking Inquiry-Based Learning from Teacher-Guided to Student-Driven

 VIDEO   See how these elementary school teachers help their students develop critical-thinking skills through self-directed learning.

I know that none of the outbursts are truly directed towards me

5 Epiphanies for Reaching the Unreachable Learner

 COMMUNITY   What happens when one defiant student does everything possible to rebel? Here's how this teacher responded.

Wishing you joy and wonder during the holidays

This is the last issue of Edutopia News for the year (keep an eye out for a special email, Top 10 of 2015, later this week). We'll be back Wednesday, January 6, 2016. Until then, we wish you the happiest of holidays.


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MUST SEE: 2016 Top 20 Trends Video + Free Top 25 Trends Download

on Monday, December 14, 2015

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Greetings !

It's our favorite video of the year! Our 2016 Top 20 Trend Report video is out, along with a downloadable sample of the Top 20 Trends. You can find them both HERE.

MAKE SURE to watch the video and download the sample while we have it online:

SPECIAL OFFER - You'll also see on the page that we made a one time offer for you to get a custom report bundled in with your 2016 Trend Report platform. We haven't done that before, so if you were looking for a low cost way to sample our custom work, check it out. The full Trend Platform with 80 categories of reports is $149 / month, which roughly doubles if you add 1 custom report which you could use any time in the year.


Jeremy Gutsche Twitter Trends Facebook Facebook
Chief Trend Hunter & Keynote Speaker -

PRO Trends
Social Authentication
Digital footprints serve as instant authorization tools
Implications - Appealing to the active social media user, digital footprints used as authorization tools streamline the login process and re-positions one’s online habits as being conducive,... [More]
Smart Vending
Vending retail becomes more sophisticated for consumer allure
Implications - Though simple in concept, vending retail is becoming more capable and sophisticated through advances in technology. Through smart features such as data collection or heightened... [More]
Upscale Re-purposed
Upcycled fashion shifts toward more upscale tastes and aesthetics
Implications - As consumer demand for sustainability continues to grow, designer fashion labels are turning to unconventional up-cycling tactics to convey awareness. Re-purposing used materials and... [More]

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From IoT Item Locators to Streaming-Enabled Voice Assistants

55 Unbelievably Quirky Gifts

From Frat House-Scented Candles to Canned Yeti Meats

30 Gift Ideas for Introverts

From Astrological Isolation Pods to Noise-Cancelling Audio Gadgets

55 Gifts for Musicians

From Air Guitar Gadgets to Natural Linen Guitars

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20 Philanthropist CEO Speeches

From Moving Women's Rights Forward to Combatting Climate Change

10 Life-Changing Innovations

From Non-Invasive Surgery to Biological Tissue Printers

65 Groundbreaking Science Speeches

From Non-Invasive Surgery to the Mysteries of Modern Cosmology

15 Presentations on the Design Process

From Behavioral-Based Design to Design as Identity


100 Car-Free Transit Options

Celebrate Car-Free Day with These Alternative Means of Transportation

Top 100 Branding Concepts in July

From Eco Orange Packaging to Branded Tech Newspapers

41 Examples of Beacon Technology

From Public Accessibility Beacons to Beacon-Embedded Mannequins

40 Examples of Narrative Branding

From Maritime Potato Packaging to Modern Mediterranean Branding

Pop Culture

100 Ideas for Hostess Gifts

From Animal-Adorned Cocktail Accents to Minimalist Nordic Cookbooks

44 Cartoon-Themed Desserts

From Anime Monster Cookies to Spooky Kitty Cake Pops

40 Unique Cake Designs

From Morbid Monkey Desserts to Anatomical Cartoon Cakes

70 Pop Culture Jewelry Designs

From Anime-Inspired Engagement Rings to Sci-Fi Solider Studs


10 Contemporary Record Players

From Brick Record Players to Wireless Vinyl Turntables

43 Portable Cooking Devices

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30 Millennial-Focused Gardening Tools

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14 Examples of Modern Motherhood

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Art & Design

17 Radiant Rainbow Cakes

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24 Geodesic Designs

From LED Dome Architecture to Geodesic Camping Shelters

43 Examples of Food-Themed Furniture

From Baked Potato Beanbag Chairs to Sunny Side Up Seating

Top 100 Design Trends in May

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Top 90 Eco Innovations in June

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Top 100 Architecture Trends in October

From Single-Room Hotels to Cozy Timber Hideaways

45 Eco-Friendly Art Pieces

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Top 100 Eco Ideas in November

From Infinity Symbol Gardens to Refurbished Barn Homes


15 Examples of Luxurious Smartwatches

From Collaborative Designer Smartwatches to 23-Karat Watches

Top 85 Luxury Trends in October

From $3,000 Chocolate Truffles to Personalized Diamond Ornaments

29 Avant-Garde Surfboard Innovations

From Surfboard Exercise Machines to Surfboard Beach Chairs

20 Vacation-Ready Summer Beach Towels

From Branded Beach Blankets to Luxurious Beach Towels


100 Stunning Seaside Editorials

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45 Weird Rapper Innovations

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23 Bold Braided Hairstyles

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10 Wildly Colorful Hairstyles

From Glittery Root Coverage to Psychedelic Rainbow Hairstyles

People-Focused Finance

DIY Battery Manufacturing Kits

Daily Deals with Heart

24 Presentations on Robots

11 Robot Presentations

25 Data Presentations

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