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on Thursday, June 29, 2017


It took a year of work, but we've launched an epic new minisite for you to explore the Patterns of Opportunity and Top 18 Megatrends.
Plus, we've upgraded all trend reports and pro content with shiny new infographics. Check it out:
Also, as a heads up, 400 Future Festival seats are now taken, and there's just 1 day left for our biggest discount. So bring a giant team and let's party! :)
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Changing who gets to make the world. Plus: The teenaged brain is wired to learn

on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Changing Who Gets to Make the World; The Teenaged Brain; Better Faculty Meetings; Teaching Empathy; Project Ideas to Share |

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June 28, 2017
How design projects can foster meaningful educational experiences

Changing Who Gets to Make the World

Two videos provide a glimpse into the learning and personal growth opportunities of designing and building.

Strategies for promoting self-directed learning
Credit: iStock.com/Anna Sunny

The Teenaged Brain Is Wired to Learn—So Make Sure They Know It

Thanks to the wonders of neuroplasticity, adolescents are primed to improve their performance in school—and beyond. Here's how to help.

Ideas for raising the level of discourse

6 Tips for Faculty Meetings Worth Going To

With a simple shift in thinking, you can create useful and inspiring meetings.

Empathy is crucial for building real connections.

Teaching Empathy: Are We Teaching Content or Students?

Why it's important to meet students where they are, and to have an eye on the full picture.

No need to start from scratch
Credit: Thinkstock

A World of Project Ideas (You Can Steal)

Adapt these diverse project ideas for your content area and get a head start on brainstorming for next year.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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Consumer Insights
Adrenaline Nightlife
Bars and clubs integrate activities to take leisure to the next level
Implications - The nightlife industry is one historically based in providing fun experiences; however, as more and more channels to enjoy entertainment become available, this industry must add more... [More]
Scenic Simplicity
Travel accommodations swap out bells and whistles for basic amenities and nature
Implications - In the information age, relaxation is as much about omission as it is about adding experience or value. An example of how this is being applied in the travel industry is through... [More]
Jet-Setting Hygiene
The success of Korean skincare opens doors for international brands
Implications - The digital age of skincare places a premium on experimentation, “insider information,” and adventure within skincare and cosmetics, which helped catapult the Korean... [More]
Format Experimentation
Facial cleansing products break out of the traditional format
Implications - The cosmetics and skincare industry is one that’s seen the most amount of acceleration in the social media age. This is because the aesthetically pleasing nature of the products... [More]
Transformation Ritual
Skincare products use dynamic textures to communicate hyper-effectiveness
Implications - The success of a skincare product is as reliant on the ritual as it is on the sheer effectiveness of the ingredients. Products that transform throughout the use ritual provide instant,... [More]

Hot This Week

38 Examples of Personalized E-Commerce

From Mail-Order Orthodontics to Emotion-Powered Pop-Ups

18 Hybrid Grocer Innovations

From High-End Food Halls to Grocery Store Herb Gardens

28 Health-Promoting Ear Technologies

From Fever-Tracking Thermometers to Sound-Preserving Earbuds

18 Canned Wines and Cocktails

From Dry Canned Sangria to Elegantly Canned Cocktails

Featured Clusters

28 Ingredient-Revealing Packaging Examples

From Narrative Gin Labels to Transparent Pasta Boxes

26 Inventive Wine Products

From Blue Sparkling Wines to Single-Serve Wine Pouches

40 Rejuvenating Health Supplements

From Detoxifying Protein Milks to Alkalizing Superfood Powders

30 Niche Streaming Innovations

From Anime Streaming Platforms to Snapchat Comedy Shows


15 New Approaches to Advertising

From the Element of Play in Advertising to Emotional Branding

35 Keynotes by Iconic Entrepreneurs

From Richard Branson to Steve Jobs

27 Presentations on Photography

From Modernizing Satellite Imaging to the Strength of Clear Vision

20 Speeches on Google

From Analyzing Online Speeds to the Influence of Google


45 Examples of Face-to-Face Marketing

From Friendship-Forming Benches to Chip Bouquet Proposals

23 Examples of Millennial Non-Branding

From Branded Streetwear Bricks to Feminine Canned Wines

15 Gym-Friendly Beauty Products

Athleisure is Inspiring New Ways to Market Makeup for the Gym

33 Eccentric Food Concepts

From Edible Sneakers to Cotton Candy Pizzas

Pop Culture

25 Celebratory Pride Products

From Gold-Plated Pride Necklaces to LGBT-Celebrating Vodka Bottles

32 Holographic Products

From Vivid Candy Clutches to Shattered Glass Manicures

47 Official Disney Collaborations

From LEGO Fantasy Castles to Enchanting Cookware Pots

44 Unicorn-Inspired Products

From Classic Rainbow Sneakers to Glittery Unicorn Cards


30 Examples of Sustainable Food Packaging

From Hybrid Meal Deliveries to Food Waste Pasta Boxes

100 Unique Skincare Ideas

These Cosmetic Products Prevent & Treat a Slew of Skin-Related Problems

15 Tech-Focused Maternity Innovations

From Playful Emoji Apps to Protective Pregnancy Wearables

14 High-Tech Allergy Relievers

From Personal Nasal Filters to Bacteria-Banishing Air Conditioners

Art & Design

60 Millennial-Centric Decor Innovations

From Curated Decor Subscriptions to Modular Furniture Sets

35 Pharmaceutical Packaging Examples

From Chic Supplement Boxes to Single-Serve Vitamin Packs

35 Examples of Novelty Barbecue Accessories

From Smart Meat Thermometers to Dog-Friendly Burgers

55 Dynamic Meditative Experiences

From Brief Meditation Apps to Irish Yoga Retreats


50 Artisanal Drinking Innovations

From Boozy Bubble Teas to Instant Craft Beer Powders

33 Eco Dining Innovations

From Sustainable Food Waste Eateries to Vegan Ice Cream Schools

60 Sustainable Snack Options

From Chocolate-Covered Insects to Organic Artisan Chocolates

15 Repurposed Food Products

From Ugly Fruit Juices to Coffee Leaf Teas


16 Edible Gold Leaf Snacks

From Luxe Gilded Donuts to Gold-Plated Sushi Rolls


40 Charcoal-Based Products

From Detoxifying Charcoal Tonics to Charcoal-Infused Floss Pics

25 Multicultural Brand Initiatives

From Racially Diverse Coding Programs to Inclusive Nude Fashion

19 Branded Fast Food Fashion Pieces

These Branded Pieces Show Where Fashion and Food Collide

24 Anti-Pollution Cosmetics

These Anti-Pollution Skincare Products Block Environmental Stressors

Ethical Infant Stores

Discarded Designer Duds

Socially Conscious Co-Working Offices

35 Speeches by Celebrities

46 Talks About Education Institutions

16 Speeches on Sustainable Architecture Designs

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