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on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Habits of Excellence; A Principal's Voice on School Transformation; Catalyzing District-Wide Learning; Inspirational Teachers |

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July 29, 2015

Tips to Improve Your Practice

Apps can help build routines until they're automatic

Essential Habits of an Excellent Educator

Start building strong habits now, and you'll reap the benefits all year long.

Culture. Climate. Consistency. Community. Plus passion and vision

4 Essential Elements of School Transformation

Read how one principal used these creative solutions to turn around her school, from one of the lowest to the BEST in the district.

Look outside traditional ed resources in this rising Age of Smart Machines

8 Strategies to Catalyze District-Wide Learning

See why this veteran superintendent supports out-of-the-box thinkers and encourages social media across the district.

Making math fun, Zombie-based learning, the Pirate Teacher, and more

Five-Minute Film Festival: Inspirational Teachers

 VIDEO   Watch these 6 videos that show how educators use zombies, meditation, pirates, and more to inspire life-long learners.

Some suggestions as you gear up for your first weeks on the job

A Letter to My New Principal

 COMMUNITY   What does it take for administrators to support transformational educators? Read this teacher's heartfelt answer.


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Greetings !

I had a curious adventure that I want to recreate for Trend Hunters like YOU...

A few years ago, my wife and I visited Stockholm and we wanted to do something a bit more unusual. So instead of going on the regular tours, we got hooked up with itineraries based on the people that might be our soul mates. The result is that we explored the secret hot spots of Sweden recommended by an MTV VJ, a little old lady who loves food and two designers. It was epic and we wanted to recreate that experience for visitors to Trend Hunter's home base:

1. Your "Soul Mate" at Future Festival - We've been working on that same sort of travel itineraries for TORONTO, so that our guests at Future Festival can explore Toronto's most inspiring hideaways. Before you travel here, please shoot us a note about the categories where you are looking for inspiration. From axe throwing to molecular cocktail schools to bohemian retail innovation, we can show you a tour of Toronto that is epic... so, with that said:

2. Visit Our Party & Robot Petting Zoo - Last week, I overviewed the Future Festival workshops and keynotes, but I also wanted to explain our party. We have lined up a celebrity mixologist to create molecular cocktails in Trend Hunter's private bar where you can also test out the latest Virtual Reality (Samsung VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard), play in our Robot Petting Zoo, fly a drone, and meet other innovators from around the world. Plus, there's the 1,000,000 person all-night party:

3. VIDEO The 1,000,000 Person Art Event - Check out the video for Nuit Blanche, which will be on the day after Future Festival. It's a unique and inspiring cultural experience.

Also, shoot me a note if you want to chat about the trend conference, workshops, festival, etc.


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PRO Trends
Spiritual Courtship
Modern dating services place an emphasis on religion
Implications - Adding to the current obsession with customization among the millennial consumer are modern dating companies focused on religiously oriented romance. Attention to particular details... [More]
Residential Pop-Up
Temporary design provides impermanent residences for consumers
Implications - In spite of the fleeting nature of pop-ups, the temporary spaces are borrowing from residential motifs with spaces suited to an impermanent form of housing. On top of heralding a... [More]
Effeminate Brew
New tea products target the female demographic with women-specific ingredients
Implications - New tea products are catering to the powerful female clientele base via ingredients geared towards women’s health. This resonates with a rising consumer demand for customization... [More]

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Featured Clusters

Top 100 Business Ideas in March

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45 Futuristic Electric Bicycles

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Top 90 Eco Innovations in June

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100 Artistic Makeup Innovations

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25 Career-Inspiring Women

From Politician Hilary Clinton to Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey

25 Empowering Speeches

From Ideal Teaching Environments to How to Create Change

12 Speeches with Unconventional Advice

From Dismissing Logic in Business to Life Lessons From Rap

10 Speeches on Finding Purpose

From Fighting for Worthy Causes to Finding One's Path in Life


50 Unisex Fashion Products

From Graphic Unisex Undies to Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing

63 Heartwarming Homeless Initiatives

From Homeless Haircut Projects to Mobile Charitable Laundry

29 Sponsored Event Innovations

From Star-Studded Scotch Parties to Moving Bus Music Festivals

18 Unique Mannequin Models

From Smart Retail Mannequins to Hand-Inked Mannequins

Pop Culture

100 Disney Princess Illustrations

From Dueling Princess Illustrations to Pin-Up Princess Tattoos

90 Oral Hygiene Products

From Hi-Tech Toothbrushes to Innovative Toothpaste Tubes

35 Bee-Inspired Innovations

From Beehive High Heels to Hive-Like Pavilions

100 Graphic Pop Culture Tees

From Emoji Tee Apparel to Mistaken Heartthrob Tees


36 Examples of Smart Wallets

From Slim Security Wallets to GPS-Trackable Wallets

100 Revolutionary Healthcare Apps

From Hospital-Based Wearable Tech to Cancer-Screening Apps

40 Projected Screening Innovations

From Portable Media Projectors to Interactive Gaming Systems

58 Playful Dinosaur Innovations

From Dinosaur Education Websites to Dinosaur Dessert Drawings

Art & Design

25 Creative Cake Toppers

From Nerdy Dessert Adornments to Parisian Dessert Decor

Top 100 Home Trends in March

From Segmented Washing Machines to Filter-Free Vacuums

Top 45 Customization Concepts in June

From Personalized Chocolate Bars to 3D-Printed Eyewear

50 Examples of Industrial Furniture

From Eco Bench Seating to Waste-Conscious Chairs


12 Examples of Eco-Crowdfunding Projects

From DIY Bamboo Bicycles to Aquaponic Greenhouse Eateries

24 Geodesic Designs

From LED Dome Architecture to Geodesic Camping Shelters

35 Patio-Illuminating Accessories

From Illuminating Patio Umbrellas to Woven Lantern Decor

70 Contemporary Treehouse Concepts

From Secluded Forest Retreats to Modern Arboreal Resorts


Top 100 Luxury Trends of 2014

From Poolside Champagne Bars to Glamorously Bejeweled Editorials

50 Parisian Fashion Editorials

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26 Modern Neckties

From Wooden Bow Ties to Edgy Neck Adornments

Top 45 Luxury Products in July

From Pricey Street Meat Meals to Extravagant Diamond Manicures


100 Captivating Karlie Kloss Editorials

From Winged Lingerie Ads to Candid Supermodel Shoots

35 Menswear-Inspired Packaging Examples

From Jetsetter Grooming Kits to Stony Scent Branding

24 Herbal Skincare Products

From Sage-Infused Shower Gels to Natural Spray Deodorants

20 Stylish DIY Pumps

From DIY Caviar-Capped Kicks to DIY Superhero Stilettos

Art School Social Innovation Programs

Social Change Technology Programs

Legal Advice for Farmers

Rocking Change and Innovation

Game Changing Innovation

The Franchise Advantage

45 Talks on the Importance of Digital

18 Speeches on Business and Climate Change

15 Speeches on Why Simple is Better

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