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on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Greetings !

There are only 7 days left for you to save on Early Bird tickets to Future Festival. With that said, here are 7 reasons to join 700+ of the world's top innovators, from brands like Starbucks, Sony, Netflix, Red Bull, adidas, and more!


1. EXPERIENCE THE FUTURE - Explore the world's top tech at our future party, and choose from one of 40 different Trend Safari adventures, ranging from yoga with a mind-reader to 3D-printed food.

2. IT'S AWESOME - 97% rate Future Festival higher than any other innovation conference, while 85% rate it the best business event they've ever attended.

3. INSPIRE YOUR TEAM - INC. calls Future Festival one of the best events to inspire your team because of the chance to step back and think about the future, while guided by the #1 trend firm.

4. EXPLORE TORONTO - We have more than 100 unique examples of innovation for you to explore, PLUS there is a 1,000,000 person all-night art festival for those who stay the weekend.

5. GET 5-10 TAKEAWAYS - Last year, 87% of attendees left with 10+ actionable ideas, and even a few green-lit, multi-million dollar ideas! This is largely thanks to the Workshop Day, which involves the same innovation workshop I've used to help NASA prototype the Journey to Mars, but applied to your brand's specific goals.

6. IT'S FUN - Our entire event is designed to be unlike any other conference, and there are 40 of us working year round to prepare the ultimate experience for you!

7. IT SELLS OUT FOR A REASON - Act soon! This is your LAST chance to save big and tickets will sell out.



Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Fruity Sweetener
Fruit replaces artificial sugar alternatives for ingredient-aware consumers Implications - Looking for healthier alternatives to traditional sweeteners, consumers are finding comfort in familiar fruits as a natural sugar replacement. As consumers become more educated about... [More]
Cultural Culinary
Kitchen cooking appliances specialize for the culturally savvy home cook Implications - As smart appliances make cooking restaurant-quality meals easier than ever, the truly elitist home cook is looking for ways to integrate their appreciation for global cultures by... [More]
Libational Oasis
Serene garden lounges serve as a backdrop for spirits activations Implications - Spirits and champagne brands are leveraging the desire for tranquil moments of escapism during everyday life by activating with garden-inspired venues brimming with fresh floral... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Woodsy Tented Houses

Chris Tate's Tent House is a Personal Retreat in the New Zealand Forests

2. Customizable Beach Shades

The 'Sombra Shade' Creates a Haven Away from the Sun in Moments

3. Color-In Car Rentals

These Hertz Rental Cars Feature Coloring Book Upholstery to Entertain Kids

4. Bamboo Toy Cars

These Eco Toys Made from Bamboo Shoots are Natural, Beautiful and Sustainable

5. Adventurer Vehicle Trailers

The Schutt Industries XV-3 Trailer Carries Up to 1,500 Pounds of Gear

6. Five-in-One Auto Tools

The 'Spare Me' Automobile Rescue Tool Gets You Out of Tough Scenarios

7. Chromatic Flower Vases

'Mellow Vases' Combine Light and Color in an Eccentric Collection

8. Quick-Charge E-Unicycles

The 'Uno Bolt' E-Unicycle Gives Riders the Freedom to Ride on or Off Road

9. Human Clock Faces

This Clock Uses a Human Eye to Represent the Passing of Time

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