A powerful way to end the school year. Plus: Don't like your behavior charts? Throw them out

on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Year Mapping; Throw Out Behavior Charts; Peer Pressure Undermines Success; Build Reading Skills; Tech Buddies |

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June 7, 2017
Celebrate this year's learning with this unique technique.
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A Powerful Way to End the School Year

Year mapping allows students to see what they've learned in your class, and it's a great resource for your incoming class.

Rethinking behavior interventions

When Behavior Charts Don't Work, Throw Them Out!

Why one teacher took down her behavior chart, and a look at the strategies she used instead.

Peer pressure manifests in surprising ways.
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How Peer Pressure Undermines Success

Will students pass up academic help based on how their friends feel? A new study suggests they will.

Give students a repertoire of reading strategies.
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6 Techniques for Building Reading Skills—in Any Subject

Students need good reading skills not just in English but in all classes. Here are some ways you can help them develop those skills.

Student-to-student mentoring builds confidence.

Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills Through Peer Teaching

See the learning on both sides when fifth graders teach computer skills to first graders.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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