Weekly Trend Report + 2 Weeks Left to Save 40-70% on Future Festival Toronto

on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Greetings !

I can't wait for Future Festival Toronto, which is already 50% sold out! We'll be gathering 800 of the world's top innovators for epic trend safaris, all-new FUTURE content and SUPER FUTURE workshops. Plus, we timed it next to a 1,000,000-person, all-night technology art festival.

Only 2 weeks left to save 40% - 70%. Get tickets HERE.


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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
On-Demand VIP
Consumer desires become instantly attainable through on-demand services
Implications - Attaining the celebrity lifestyle is becoming easier than ever with on-demand apps that can conjure up personal yoga classes, yachts and other VIP experiences within moments. This... [More]
Automated Betterment
The fitness app concept is taken a step further with holistic health tracking
Implications - In the midst of the wellness wave, fitness apps have risen in popularity to improve the accessibility and convenience of living a healthy lifestyle. However, the wellness wave is... [More]
Share Economy B2B
The thriving peer sharing economy creates opportunity for B2B startups
Implications - As the share economy continues to expand and evolve, a new breed of employee is emerging along with a wave of opportunity for new businesses to adopt a share-conscious B2B model. ... [More]
Financial P2P
The financial industry adapts to consumer demand for peer-based platforms
Implications - Adjusting quickly to the P2P economy, consumers are increasingly comfortable with leveraging a network of peers for almost everything, including lending and borrowing money. Seeking... [More]
P2P Travel
Travelers increasingly leverage P2P platforms for the insider experience
Implications - As consumers seek more freedom from their time-crunched schedules, traveling the world is becoming more accessible than ever, especially with the integration of P2P solutions offering... [More]

Hot This Week

40 Charcoal-Based Products

From Detoxifying Charcoal Tonics to Charcoal-Infused Floss Pics

45 Examples of Face-to-Face Marketing

From Friendship-Forming Benches to Chip Bouquet Proposals

30 Anti-Aging Skincare Innovations

From Fungi-Based Eye Creams to Connected Skin Products

22 Ayurvedic Beauty Products

From Ayurvedic Hair Drying Pods to Coconut Oil Pulling Sachets

15 Tech-Focused Maternity Innovations

From Playful Emoji Apps to Protective Pregnancy Wearables

15 Senior-Focused Health Aids

From Diagnosis Devices to Dementia Communication Systems

7. 15 Unique Baby Food Packaging Ideas

8. 10 Consumable Prenatal Wellness Products

Featured Clusters

15 Artisanal Writing Tools

From Fidget-Friendly Pen Accessories to Handcrafted Pencil Designs

18 Nostalgic Brand Activations

From Custom LP Retailers to Arcade-Themed Pop-Up Eateries

65 Camping Must-Haves

From Organic Astronaut Desserts to Flatpack Camping Lanterns

32 Examples of Home-Brewed Drink Packaging

From Freshness-Focused Coffee Bags to Luxe Tea Vessels


10 Speeches on the Global Economy

From Corporate Addiction to Risk

32 Qualities of a Great Leader

From Teachers as Role Models to How to Inspire Your Team

15 Speeches on Brand Mantra

These Brand Keynote Presentations Examine Effective Brand Identity

15 Speeches on the Power of Diversity

From Alternate Notions of Beauty to the Power of Introverts


12 Premium Loyalty Programs

From Cross-Channel Cosmetics Campaigns to Premium Rideshare Loyalty

26 Inventive Wine Products

From Blue Sparkling Wines to Single-Serve Wine Pouches

20 QSR Consumer Loyalty Innovations

From Celebratory Donut Giveaways to AR Fast Food Promotions

15 Unique Group Dining Experiences

From Sustainable Gardening Clubs to eSports Restaurants

Pop Culture

24 Beauty and the Beast Collectibles

From Opulent Rose Accessories to Fantasy Princess Fragrances

25 Multicultural Brand Initiatives

From Racially Diverse Coding Programs to Inclusive Nude Fashion

26 Inclusive Beauty Examples

From Subversive Fast Fashion Commercials to Cultural Emoji Concepts

25 Celebratory Canadiana Ideas

From Celebratory Maple Leaf Burgers to Flag-Inspired Tulips


15 Millennial-Focused Texting Innovations

From AI Butler Apps to Combination Messaging Tools

55 Dynamic Meditative Experiences

From Brief Meditation Apps to Irish Yoga Retreats

20 Multipurpose Home Appliances

From Hybrid Vacuum-Steamers to Illuminating Glass Speakers

45 Indoor Gardening Systems

From Hydroponic Grow Systems to Stress-Reducing Desk Gardens

Art & Design

35 Examples of Novelty Barbecue Accessories

From Smart Meat Thermometers to Dog-Friendly Burgers

20 Contemporary Kitchen Appliances

From Smart Connected Fridges to Aquatic Cooking Monitors

17 Subscription Services for Drinkers

From Craft Beer Deliveries to Personalized Wine Clubs

25 Examples of Innovative Coffee Merchandising

From Translucent Coffee Kiosks to Minimalist Cafes


12 Solar Roofing Innovations

From Printed Solar Cells to Sustainable Metal Roofing Solutions

60 Sustainable Snack Options

From Chocolate-Covered Insects to Organic Artisan Chocolates

30 Examples of Sustainable Food Packaging

From Hybrid Meal Deliveries to Food Waste Pasta Boxes

40 Solid Personal Care Products

These Unique Personal Care Products Come in Bar and Stick Forms


16 Edible Gold Leaf Snacks

From Luxe Gilded Donuts to Gold-Plated Sushi Rolls


47 Official Disney Collaborations

From LEGO Fantasy Castles to Enchanting Cookware Pots

10 Probiotic Beauty Products

These Probiotic Beauty Products Promote Health from Inside Out

18 Customized Personal Care Products

From Personalized Shampoo Products to Customizable Face Oils

24 Mess-Free Cosmetic Sticks

These Balms, Scrubs and Primers Take the Form of Beauty Sticks

African-Sourced Sneakers

20 One-for-One Giving Tools

30 Consumption-Aware Social Innovations

28 Cognitive Science Talks

18 Talks About Having Fun

20 Keynotes on Perception

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